Task Force Kampas

Task Force Kampas Achievements and Guide for Xbox One

Developer and publisher eastasiasoft has released the official Task Force Kampas achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Task Force Kampas, players will be collecting 21 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements out of 21 achievements in the game. Check out the full Task Force Kampas achievements for Xbox One.

Task Force Kampas Achievements

Coco Hunter ICollect 10 cocos10
Coco Hunter IICollect 30 cocos30
Coco Hunter IIICollect 60 cocos100
Death Hunter IDie 1 time10
Death Hunter IIDie 2 times30
Death Hunter IIIDie 5 times100
Time Hunter ISurvive 1 minute10
Time Hunter IISurvive 2 minutes30
Time Hunter IIISurvive 4 minutes100
Meteor Hunter IDestroy 25 meteors10
Meteor Hunter IIDestroy 50 meteors30
Meteor Hunter IIIDestroy 100 meteors100
Enemy Hunter IKill 200 enemies10
Enemy Hunter IIKill 500 enemies30
Enemy Hunter IIIKill 1000 enemies100
Boss Hunter IKill 1 boss10
Boss Hunter IIKill 2 bosses30
Boss Hunter IIIKill 3 bosses100
Score Hunter IBeat highscore of 50,00010
Score Hunter IIBeat highscore of 150,00040
Score Hunter IIIBeat highscore of 250,000100

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