Team Secret Rainbow Six Siege

Team Secret’s Rainbow Six Siege New Roster Announced

It’s been a week since the previous roster of Team Secret has been disbanded. However, it seems that the management already finds new members to represent their brand for the upcoming tournaments.

Announced just a few hours ago, Team Secret has revealed the new members for the Rainbow Six Siege team. The new Team Secret Rainbow Six Siege roster that will be competing in the UE Pro League and GSA National League will be Niklas “KS” Massierer as the captain, Fynn “Drvn” Lorenzen, Kevin “Prano” Pranowitz, Vincent “Hife” Finkenwirth, and Daniel “Exp0” Massierer.

Interestingly, Team Secret’s CEO John Yao told the press that he’s confident with the new lineup.

“We ultimately decided the players needed to pursue new opportunities to advance, and released the roster with many good wishes,” Yao said. “We think this team really has the potential to do some amazing things in this ecosystem and truly delight the fans.”

“Secret is excited to be embarking on this new journey, and we see a great future-forward,” Team Secret CEO added.

Since Team Secret joined the league, they already earned more than $130,00 USD over the last two years in the Rainbow Six Siege tournaments.

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