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The Bart Bonte Collection Full Moon Walkthrough

This guide will be covering the complete Full Moon walkthrough in The Bart Bonte Collection. We will also be sharing with you some strategies and hints to help you solve the problems and puzzles that you will encounter in the game.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers. If you’re not a fan of spoilers, you are still free to leave this guide.


Full Moon is a game about a rabbit trying to get food. In each of the 13 levels, you’ll have to click, drag and swipe elements of the environment to help him. This guide will give you hints to help you solve each of the levels, then, in spoilers, will be the walkthrough of the puzzle. Be aware that each of Full Moon’s puzzles is fair and can be solved through logic and reflection, so only come here if you are stuck!

Level 1

Hint: The rabbit seems to be too high to get the carrot… Maybe there is a way to make him go down?

Solution: You can click on the rabbit to make him jump. This will lower the “N”

Level 2

Hint: This owl wants to protect the pear. But he seems a bit tired…

Solution: Move the owl to the left, then let him sleep by doing nothing for a few seconds.

Level 3

Hint: One of these light bubbles seems broken…

Solution: Turn on all the light bulbs from left to right except for the fourth one, which is broken, and reset the others.

Level 4

Hint #1: This acorn seems far away… maybe something that floats can get it across the river?

Hint #2: This rock blocks the way… Can you move it?

Solution: Click on the tree to make a leaf fall. The third one can be used to get the acorn across the river. Time the fall of the acorn just right so it can fall on the leaf before it departs. Then, lift the rock by clicking on it to let the leaf across.

Level 5

Hint: This fruit is too high for the bunny… Maybe you can inflate his balloon to help him get it?

Solution: Put your mouse over the balloon to inflate it. Keep your cursor on it and the balloon will take the rabbit to the apple.

Level 6

Hint: This fruit is just out of reach! Maybe there is something to lower the ground around here…

Solution: Use the two rocks to make the ground flat: The big rock should go on the fruit’s platform and the smaller ones on the rabbit’s.

Level 7

Hint: This wheel of light bulbs must be important… Some of them seem to be broken…

Solution: Two of the light bulbs on the wheel are broken and will reset the others. Turn the wheel and find them, then mark them by turning on the adjacent light bulbs. Turn the other ones on, then the three last ones.

Level 8

Hint: These owls seem to follow your cursor… maybe they are helping you find something?

Solution: These owls indicate where you are in relation to the fruit’s position. They will go away when you are in the fruit’s X/Y position, which is near the left side of the tree.

Level 9

Hint: You can’t click on these light bulbs… Maybe you can turn them on with a “tap”?

Solution: The light bulbs need to turn on from left to right. An owl stuck that cannot move will instead jump, causing the light bulb under to turn on if the one before is also on.

Level 10

Hint: This tree’s leaves have a very weird shape…

Solution: The tree is covered by two clouds. Swipe them to the right and to the left to reveal the fruit.

Level 11

Hint: What are these owls doing? Maybe they are indicating something with their eyes…

Solution: The light bulbs under an open eye must be turned on.

Level 12

Hint: These rabbits are in the way! But you don’t want them to fall in the river…

Solution: If a rabbit has a bigger one grabbing its leg, it will fall, which is bad. In order you need to: Click on the small rabbit, the small rabbit, the average one, the small rabbit, the small, the average, the small, the small, the big, the small, the small, the average, the small, the small, the average, the small, the small, the big.

Level 13

Hint: It’s time for the party! Turn on all the light bulbs… But why do the other ones turn on too?

Solution: Clicking on a light bulb will cause it and the surrounding ones to turn on. Here are marked with an X the ones you need to click on:



And that’s all for this The Bart Bonte Collection guide. We would like to thank DarkFluo for this detailed Full Moon guide for The Bart Bonte Collection. Do you have a suggestion to improve this guide? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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