The Book of Warriors Beginner’s Guide and Tips

The Book of Warriors dungeon mode beginner’s guide: focus on high health and defense, stability is key!

Beginner’s Guide and Tips

“The Book of Warriors” has two game modes: Dungeon Mode and Challenge Mode. Undoubtedly, Dungeon Mode will be the first choice for most players, where you use three Warriors to pass through each level and obtain more and more rewards.

There are a total of 9 Warriors in “The Book of Warriors”, but in Dungeon Mode, at the beginning of the game, you can only choose one. For beginners, Tank is a very good choice.

Among the 9 Warriors, Tank has high health and defense, making him a solid meat shield, meaning he has strong survival capabilities. The tank can give beginners a higher margin of error, as he can take hits and slowly wear down enemies. Although Tank can make each battle longer, stability is key, and for beginners, the focus should be on how to ensure survival and complete the level.

If Tank is your first choice, then it’s natural to prioritize his talent points. It’s recommended to focus on one Warrior first, as the second and third Warriors in battle are randomly obtained. If you allocate talent points to two Warriors at the same time, you may not get the one you allocated points to, which is not ideal.

For the second layer of talents, Devastator is highly recommended. Destroying a building can give you a shield, which means that if there is a building next to you, you can use Blast Strike directly to at least get a shield that can absorb a lot of damage.

For the talents starting from the third layer, it’s relatively more casual, and players can allocate points based on their interests.

At the beginning of each Dungeon Mode game, you will receive a free sigil for every victory. When choosing sigils, it’s recommended to prioritize those with lower luck factors, as more stable sigils mean you can go further. Sigils with little benefit can be fused during rest periods.

Sigils such as Lucky Strike are particularly profitable, as there is a 15% chance of resetting skill cooldowns, which can be a big advantage. However, sigils that only work in specific terrain are not recommended as they have a high luck factor and you can’t guarantee that you will encounter that terrain.

In battle, it’s important to stay as far away as possible from terrain like Poison Pool, as it will cause you to be poisoned and lose a lot of health. On the other hand, try to lure enemies into Poison Pool as much as possible, as it will cause them to do a lot of damage.

Terrains like River and Grass are great choices as they can heal you and increase your evasion. As for Magma, although it adds critical strike, it also causes you to lose your health, so it’s best to avoid it if possible. If your health is safe, you can still enter Magma. However, it’s better not to enter Magma during boss battles.

When recruiting Warriors, it’s highly recommended to prioritize a Warrior who can heal, as it’s really important. The priest is the best choice, as having an extra healer is always beneficial.

In the shop, it’s important to buy a Scroll of Resurrection first, and then buy other items based on your situation. The Scroll of Resurrection is essential for the final boss battle, and should not be used in other battles if possible.

In future battles, let the Tank charge ahead and take the lead, absorbing damage from enemies. The Priest should stay at the back, healing and attacking from a distance. The remaining Warrior can be chosen based on personal preference and should work with the Tank to flank enemies when the opportunity arises.

As shown in the picture, the enemy have been lured into the sewage by our Warriors, while all our Warriors are standing on advantageous terrain. Proper use of terrain is crucial. Beginners should pay special attention to this aspect!

Finally, it’s normal to die a few times during the boss battle, and it’s nothing to be upset about if a beginner is not familiar with the boss’s mechanics. It’s important to maintain a positive attitude and keep playing, as you will understand the ins and outs of the game after a few tries.

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