The Callisto Protocol – What Are Energy Converters?

The Callisto Protocol

In order to advance in The Callisto Protocol, players must face and defeat the monsters they encounter. As they progress through the game, these monsters will become more challenging. To prepare for these tougher battles, it is important to upgrade weapons and gear using Callisto Credits, which can be obtained through the use of energy converters. Keep reading to learn more about the function of these converters.

What Do Energy Converters Do?

In The Callisto Protocol, energy converters are useful only for selling for Callisto Credits. They do not have any other function in the game. They can be sold for a good price, anywhere from 100 to 200 credits, making them valuable items to sell in order to upgrade weapons and gear.

Along with energy converters, players should also pick up and sell CPU printers and decoders, as these items also only serve as a source of Callisto Credits and have no other use. Decoders can be sold for 500 to 750 credits, and CPU printers for 1,000 credits at the reforge.

However, players should be aware that these items take up a lot of inventory space, so it’s important to keep track of inventory and stockpile items until they can be sold. Selling these items can help players get the more expensive upgrades they need at higher levels.