The Chameleon Achievements Walkthrough Guide

A guide showing how to unlock all achievements for The Chameleon.


The Chameleon is a pretty short stealth game, which you can finish in under 2 hours. You play as a man who later acquires some powers. These powers are pretty much necessary to progress, but not all are needed.

It has 8 achievements, 5 of them are pretty much story-related, 2 are optional, and 1 is secret. There are pickups in the form of purple capsules, but there isn’t any achievement tied to collecting them. But its still recommended to seek out and pick them up as they increase your max energy, allowing you to use more of your powers. A power pickup is unlocked by touching a floating, organic-looking ball such as this:


These achievements are story-related, but due to the kinda open levels you might miss or get lost. I will give a short explanation for each.

Oriented: Watch the Orientation film for the LRS

Unlocked after the opening movie. Pretty much unmissable, unless you open settings and set the “play orientation film” to “no” which skips it. If you did, you might have to start a new game. So don’t do it and keep it at “yes”.

Beep Boop: Find the Chameleon power

First power you get very shortly after starting, allows you to disguise as a guard. Found in a narrow hallway after Generator Room, you can’t miss it.

Dasher: Find the Dash power

Second power you get, allows you to dash through large gaps. Needed for progress. You can find it at the M.T.P.F. area in Eastern Warehouse.

Home Desolate Home: Find out the location of the LRS

Story-related, unlocked after exiting the Warehouse.

Slowmo: Find the Slow Time power

Third power you get, located in the Admin section of Moon Lobby (explained below) across the keycard. Needed to access other parts of the Moon Lobby. Also, the example pic I used in the intro section is this one.

Optional Powers

These following pickups are optional, and only available after you reached the Moon Lobby. I named it such because of the giant moon in the middle of the room. When you reach this area, proceed forward to the middle room, Admin, to pick up the Slow Time power, because without it you cannot access the other areas due to turrets.

Multipunch: Find the Better Punch power

Enter Informatics, the area on the left. Find the keycard, and then before going back to the path that leads to the lobby, reach the end of the hallway, and you’ll find this ball between some red walls. Now your punches cost less, you’re able to punch a few more times before your energy is depleted.

Truth: Find out the truth about The Chameleon Project

This one is easy to find. Go to the Labs area for the final keycard. When you reach it, there’s a hallway behind it where this ball just floats in plain sight. You lose your disguise ability, but otherwise you can’t take damage and have unlimited energy. Also, turns you into some meat monster looking creature.

Be warned that if you take it, it effectively ends your stealth game and it became more like a beat-em up game. If you prefer to do stealth (like I did), save your game, finish it, then load your last save to pick up this power.

You can use this video to help find the optional powers. Better Punch starts around 26.20 from the keycard, and Truth around 29.00.


LOST: Unlock the second secret

Our journey begins in the East Warehouse. Proceed to the area pointed with a black arrow.

You will be in an area with sandbags and a cracked wall. Punch open that wall, follow the path into an area labeled Off-Limits. You will notice some writings with glowing paint on the walls, most notably a number “4815”. Now progress the story as normal, nothing more you can do.

Later on you’ll be in an area called Control Room. You’ll pass a mysterious steel door with a question mark logo on it, pointed with an orange arrow.

Move further to the area pointed with a light purple arrow. That area contains a computer where you can enter a code. So type 4815 and enter it, you’ll hear a sound. Go back to the question mark door, and now you’ll find it’s open.

Enter the door, and after a short rock tunnel you’ll emerge in a room with 3 energy capsules and a recording. Achievement should unlock here.

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