The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – How to Get Medium Bro Achievement Guide

One of the hidden achievements in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is called Medium Bro. In this guide, we will be giving you the details on how to easily obtain the Medium Bro achievement.

Before we get started, please note that this guide is focused on players who are playing The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan in solo mode. Getting the achievement in solo mode is a bit harder than the multiplayer mode. Without further ado, let’s get started with the guide.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

How to Get Medium Bro Achievement

This achievement can be obtained easily in the Theatrical Cut, otherwise, you get to play different characters etc.

The Duke

When Brad arrives at the Duke of Milan, the first dialogue choices are to be made as follows:

  • I had to work (RESENTFUL)
  • Must be tough (EMPATHETIC)
  • Go with your gut (SENTIMENTAL)

After the introductions, Conrad offers to drink beer with Brad. DO NOT accept:

  • I get seasick (APPREHENSIVE)
  • I’ll throw up! (SERIOUS)


As Alex, talk to Brad before diving:

  • Wasn’t sure we would (IMPRESSED)
  • Get you something cool (ENTHUSIASTIC)
  • Go through it all together (COMPASSIONATE)


Two things of importance here. First, when Junior brings Conrad back down and says, “Be on your best behaviour, little man!”, choose

  • Get off me! (RESENTFUL)

When Alex asks about his brother, Conrad will then tell him that Brad is hiding.

Secondly, make sure Conrad either successfully escapes on the speedboat or dies trying to do so. That way you will control Alex after the group escaped from the first room on the freighter.


Only one important choice here. When Julia, Alex and Fliss sit on the deck and talk about Brad, have Fliss say:

  • He might drown (ANXIOUS)

An Escape

Once the group arrives in the big cargo hold, Olson will come into the room and set down the distributor cap. Fliss will go down to get it and Brad follows her. The relevant choices with Alex are:

  • We need to be careful (DUBIOUS)


Not really necessary, but to make things easier for you, DO NOT pick up the wrench with Brad. He can’t hurt Fliss that way when they meet shortly after and he is still hallucinating.


When exploring the strange ballroom, make sure you open the curtain (blast door) with the lever in the small room. Once open, walk into the other cargo hold, past the coffin (crates containing the chemical) and open the door on the side to get some fresh air. Fliss will then see clearly again and be able to recognize Brad once he falls down from above (thus not endangering his life).

Distress Signal

After the radio dies, the group decides who goes down the hole to turn the power back on. Alex declares that he will go, but Brad suggests it should rather be him. Alex acknowledges Brad’s strength throughout this weird adventure, so have him let Brad go by choosing:

  • If you’re sure you’re up for it… (ENCOURAGING)

Once Brad and Julia get up from the floor they crashed on, Alex asks if they are okay. Have Brad answer positively:

  • We’re okay (HOPEFUL)

And that’s all of it. You should probably get the achievement before the very last choice to make, but we wanted to make sure we got all options in here. We would like to thank Chris van Darg and Lowenbrau for this guide submission.

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