The Druid – Best Build to Beat the Game

Best build i’ve found to quickly beat this game.

The build

So i’ll just go straight to the point. The following combination of equipment is the one that works the best (for me at least) to clean the game asap:

  • Top: Water spirit –> Gives +1 of resistance for every slayed enemy. If you pick it early, by the end you’ll practically be immortal.
  • Left/Right side: Water essence –> It allows you to restore 25% of life over medium periods of time. Very useful if you don’t want to depend on your orb. You can have 2, one for each side, although i prefer having only 1 and on the other side using an air essence to have half the life, although tbh it doesn’t really matter which one you pick.
  • Bottom: Light rune –> Escalates all damage done to enemies enormously. In theory should work every 8 secs but for some reason works nonstop.

I hope it helps, although i gotta recognize that using this build too often makes the game more boring.

Other effects

In order to make it a little more difficult/entertaining i will also list some cool effects that other runes/spirits/essences can give to the druid:

– Air spirit: Gives a shield for every third hit, it is cumulative (bottom)
– Dark spirit: Can lifesteal 5% equivalent to your lifebar for every killed enemy (top)
– Fire spirit: Gives extra damage when life is below 25% (top)

– Dark rune: Gives extra damage but takes a small % of life for every attack (top)
– Fire rune: Burns enemies (top)
– Earth rune: You take no damage from traps (top)
– Water rune: Gives extra damage when all 4 slots are full, very useful if you go for a full dmg build, try to combine it with the light rune and you’ll be able to kill golems with 3 hits (top)

– Light essence: Blocks all damage for 2 seconds, very useful if you go for the no-hit achievements (top)
– Dark essence: Can create portals, imo the most interesting ability. You can leave bossfights and dark portals at your will, but can’t travel through worlds (sides)
– Earth essence: Some of the damage you receive is mirrored back to the enemy (top)


Also, as a last remark for keyboard players. there’s a bug where after going up on the stairs you can’t no longer do air attacks, which kinda sucks if you have to fight flying mobs. I’ve found that if you keep sliding up and down on the stairs it eventually debugs and you can do aerial attacks again. Hope it help.

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