The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition – How to Get Severin Manor

If you’re seeking a house without paying a single coin, I suggest you go for Severin Manor as it comes completely free!

Severin Manor

When you arrive to Raven Rock, you will see it is already own by the Severin family but after the quest “Served Cold”, you will be able to own the house.

Severin Manor is pretty big, if you compare it to other city houses. The house is fully upgraded upon obtaining it so there will be a cooking pot, smelter, workbench, grindstone, tanning rack, and an alchemy lab.

There will be a lot of chests and barrels around the house so if you are an organizer, don’t worry about how many chests/barrels are there. In the master bedroom, there will be 4 mannequins, 8 weapon racks, 4 chests, 3 display cases, 2 bookshelves, a safe, and a couple barrels around.


To start Dragonborn questline, you must start “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller”. Once the quest has started, cultists will attack you during the day in a city. After killing them, search their bodies for a note called “Cultists’ Orders”, which will led the quest “Dragonborn” to Windhelm’s docks

At Windhelm’s docks, look for and speak to Gjalund Salt-Sage, the captain of the Northern Maiden, to take you to Solstheim. Once arriving to Raven Rock, you will get some quests around the city but quest isn’t inside the city.

March of the Dead Quest

You want to leave Raven Rock, following the path to the outside and once you run a bit down the path, you will see Captain Veleth fighting against the ash spawn. Help him take down the ash spawn then speak to him.

After agreeing to help him, he will give the quest “March of the Dead”. This quest will take you to Fort Frostmoth, where you will have to kill General Carius. If you already killed General Carius before speaking to Captain Veleth, speaking to a Redoran Guard will direct you to speaking with Captain Veleth, which will complete the quest as well.

Final Descent Quest

Enter the Raven Rock Mines and once you do that, you will see two people arguing: Alphia Velothi and Crescius Caerellius. Talk to Crescius and once you do, you will be given the quest “The Final Descent”, where you will have the venture down the mines to get his ancestor’s journal.

There is no way running back so you will have to go through Bloodskal Barrow. To open the entrance, you must do power moves with the Bloodskal Blade while moving. Doing power moves forward and backwards will create a vertical slash and moving sideways will create a horizontal slash. Aim those toward the crack and the entrance will open!

Served Cold Quest

After doing those quests, you may get a request to talk to Adril Arano, the Second Councilor of Raven Rock. When arriving to Raven Rock, he should have been the first person to approach you on the ship.

Upon talking to Adril Arano, he will send you to Geldis Sadri, which is the owner of The Retching Netch in Raven Rock. Geldis will give you information to wait inside the Ulen Ancestral Tomb, where Tilisu Severin shows up around night to midnight.

Talk to Tilisu Severin, report back to Geldis Sadri, and he’ll send you to Adril Arano. Adril will send you to receive evidence from the Severin Manor.

In the Severin Manor, the evidence should be in the master bedroom, if you head straight after entering. Tilisu and Mirri Severin will be waiting inside so you can approach the room by going silent or bashing in. The evidence should be in the safe on the left side of the room, next to the bookshelf.

Served Cold Quest – Ashfallow Citadel

After retrieving the evidence, report back to Adril. He will send you to Ashfallow Citadel, where you will meet up with the Redoran Guards, who are dead upon arrival and you will be attacked by two Morag Tong assassins.

Inside Ashfallow Citadel, it is fairly small and the mission will be quick. Just be careful of enemies and traps, as usual.

Obtaining Severin Manor

After defeating Vendil Severin, return to Adril Arano and he will lead you to Morvavyn Manor to deliver the good news to Lleril Morvayn, the First Councilor and House Redoran Representative. Once Lleril and Adril finish talking, Lleril will give you ownership of Severin Manor and gold.

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