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The Falconeer Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievements in The Falconeer. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all achievements in The Falconeer, this one is for you.

Before we start with our guide, please be reminded that this achievement guide may contain spoilers of the game. We will try to avoid as many spoilers as we can. You can scan the article if you’re looking for guide for a certain achievement.

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We will be separating each achievement depending on their category. We have the Story Related Achievements, Map Based Achievements, Racing Related Achievements, Equipment Related Achievements, and Combat Related Achievements.

Story Related Achievements

The following achievements can be obtained without extra effort as long as you finish the game.

  • It’s my first day – Completed the Prologue
  • Possibly the worst pirate I’ve ever seen – Completed the Dunkle chapter
  • Bomb’s Away! – Completed the Cleftspire chapter
  • Enemies at the gate – Completed the Shard chapter
  • Where all paths lead – Completed the Oberon’s Reach chapter
  • Precious Cargo – Completed the Epilogue

I’ve divided the map here into 6 sections (top, middle, bottom + left and right sides) plus one at the very bottom middle that didn’t fit. Apologies for the annoying blur effect on the edges.

Top left:

Top right:

Middle left:

Middle right:

Bottom left:

Bottom right:

Bottom middle:

Map Based Achievements

Refer to the Maps section above.

Casual archaeologist – Discovered a shrine or a temple

  • Can be done at any time.

World historian – Discovered all the shrines and temples

  • Some of the temples will only unlock after progressing with the story. Wait until the end to unlock this one.

What’re ya buyin? – Found both biochemists and the weapons trader

  • They’re at Peteh’s Airborne Emporio, Northgate, and Biochemist Kytera.

Many tales to tell – Found all 3 seachantresses

  • They’re at Witchrock, Redmouth Forge, and Sacred Steps.

Impenetrable Walls – Found all the fortified locations

  • Dotted around the map.

Mortar and Concrete – Found all Imperial locations

  • Mostly on the western side of the map.

Sea Folk – Found all Civilian Free House locations

  • Mostly on the top middle area of the map.

Locked away – Found all Mancer locations

  • Mostly on the bottom middle area of the map.

In another life… – Returned to the scene of the Nodbomb blast

  • Go back to where the final mission of the Cleftspire chapter took place. It’s the circular-explosion-looking feature at the top right of the ‘middle right’ map in the Maps section.

Racing Related Achievements

The racecourses are the small torch icons on the map. They’re next to Dunkle, Mawbridge, Imperial Peak, Sark’s Hollow, and south of Port Remit a bit. There’s also one just east of ‘The Mancer Benefice’ background text on the map, but you apparently don’t need that for the achievements.

These can be annoying to complete. Just pick a bird with high Speed and Agility, and make nice smooth movements to avoid losing your momentum.

One bird race – Clocked fastest time on a racecourse

  • Self-explanatory

Racing Champ! – Clocked the fastest time on all 5 racecourses

  • Self-explanatory

Falcon Collector – Purchased all 5 falcon types from races

  • You’ll need to land at the 5 towns associated with the races (mentioned at the start of this section) after you win the race, and buy the bird they offer. You can switch straight back if you want.

Equipment Related Achievements

Weird science – Filled all mutagen slots for your Falcon

  • Any mutagen will do, even the really cheap ones.

Wind in the hair and song in your heart – Bought all chants from the seachantresses

  • You’ll need to do this near the end of the game once you’ve been to all shrines and temples. Go to Redmouth, Sacred Steps, and finally Witchrock, and buy everything the seachantresses have.

A friend to all – Unlocked all permits in every campaign

  • You can actually get this at the start of the game in the Dunkle chapter if you visit all the settlements. Just buy the permits at every settlement you visit and you’ll get this eventually.

Preparing for a fight – Bought a new type of weapon

  • Any weapon will do.

Combat Related Achievements

For the Imperium! – Converted a fortified position for the Imperium

  • Attack any of the small forts in the Imperium chapters.

Follow the Path! – Converted a fortified position for the Mancer Order

  • Attack any of the small forts in the Mancer chapter.

The Free life – Converted a fortified position for the Pirates

  • First, you’ll need to become a pirate by attacking civilian ships. Then, you guessed it, attack any of the small forts.

Ace in a Day – Took down 5 air targets in one mission

  • You should get this one during the story with no issues.

Ace of Aces – Took down 10 air targets in one mission

  • You should get this one during the story with no issues.

Steel Surgeon – Destroyed 15 turrets in one mission

  • You’ll never get this one naturally in the story. My suggestion is to replay the Mancer story mission ‘Caldera Busting’. After busting down the wall, do not fly back home, but instead go between Caldera Prison and Westgate a few times, destroying all the turrets in each. Caldera Prison has 3 and Westgate has 4. Do this back and forth three or four times as the count is wonky sometimes.

Emissary from the Deep – Sunk 3 ships in one mission

  • You should get this one during the story with no issues.

And that’s all for this achievement guide. We would like to extend our gratitude to Heidi for this The Falconeer achievement guidee. Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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