The Falconeer

The Falconeer – Items That You Can Keep and Lose

Since it isn’t super clear, here is an overview of items/things that you lose when things happen in-game.

Mostly applies to normal mode, I haven’t tested with other modes extensively. These are compiled from experience and as such, probably contain many mistakes.

Things that Last Forever (or Until Clear Progression)

  • Levels
  • Main weapon
  • Money (All on normal, on hardcore you lose 1/5 on death)
  • Permits (and other such tokens)
  • Chants (Ones that usually cost around 1k or more, unlock via visiting monuments, and don’t say anything about duration in the description)
  • Story missions (redoing a chapter starts you at the point just before the last story mission in the chapter). Includes the ones that entitle you to the pirate level clear.
  • Custom map marker location

Things that Reset Upon Death

  • Ammo pots and items that go in such slots like firepots. You get free new ones; 5* 2-star blue ammo, 1* 2-star firepot.
  • Missions in progress
  • Carried cargo

Things that Reset Upon Liftoff

  • Radiant mission pool
  • One-time items that activate on liftoff, duh. Pirate status clearing papers and one-off chants.

Other Stuff

  • Mutagens: Reset upon changing birds, buying an old bird back gives you a clean bird. You can also clear mutagens with level 3 or lower.
  • Landing saves your progression. Upon death, your pirate level resets to the level you had when last time landing.

Guide by Mr. Murhaaja.

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