The Forest

The Forest – Beginner’s Co-op Survival Guide

This guide will be covering the details and specifics of co-op in The Forest. If you want to survive the wilderness in The Forest, we guarantee that this guide will surely help you.

The Forest Co-op Guide

How to properly expand?

To survive in this game, the key thing is to build a camp. In singleplayer, you have to do 3 things consecutively. The first is to design the camp. The second is cutting down trees. And the third is the construction itself.

To do it faster with your friend, divide them into 2 works. One of you has to design everything you want to build. The other one must immediately start cutting down trees. When a tree falls, the person who designed the camp has to take the wood to the projects and build it slowly. When you find the wood is enough, both collect it.

Where is the best place to build a camp?

It is a bad move to develop, e.g. near a cannibal camp, or in a place with poor availability of food and trees. Try to separate yourself and find a place suitable for both of you. The best place is one with an average number of trees, access to water, and access to food.

How to build a camp and what to build first?

First, make wall designs. Depending on the length of the field you are on, build the appropriate number of walls and their length. In the walls, it is best to make a door with a lock and windows so that you can observe the surroundings of the camp. Then build a house with access to save the game and to go to sleep.

I recommend building a log cabin (the biggest one). You also need to build protective bales. Place their projects close to your walls. This will give you a lot of defense and you won’t have to constantly fix them. It’s a good idea to kill a few cannibals and build a totem. Place it next to the door and at the edge of the walls. Stocks are important too. Make designs for a “hanger” for drying meat.

Thanks to it, it will not break down and you will eat it anyway. Also, build weapon holders and “containers” for stones and sticks. The fire is also important, it will give you light and you will have greater visibility.

Where to find better weapons and how to upgrade them?

One of the best weapons is the katana. To get it, go to the top of the plane and follow a continuous line from its “front”. There you will find a cave with three paths. Left, right and center. Go left. There, after passing a few corridors, you will find a katana. Spear. A weapon that does not waste energy and is very fast. You will find her near small ponds.

The Forest

To upgrade it, you need 5 dice and a rope. You can get bones from cannibals by burning them, for example in a fire. You just have to throw him there. We upgrade the Modern Ax and the regular axe with tree juice and a few things. Feathers give attack speed but take away its strength. Cannibals’ teeth give the power of attack but take away speed.

To improve the axe, have it crafted and add tree sap and (whichever you prefer) teeth or feathers. There is also a bow to make. It is crafted as follows. You put a stick, cloth and rope for crafting. You need arrows for the bow. To make them, you need 5 feathers and a stick. Molotova cocktails are also available.

All you need to do is give a bottle and a cloth for crafting. To set it on fire, you just need to click on it and hold down the button responsible for the lighter. A flare pistol is also used to fire. It sets fire to enemies, but wastes just like its name say flares. You will find such caves in various caves or located all over the island.

How to fight properly?

The fight has its share too. I recommend fighting with cocktails. First, throw your opponent one at a time and then hit him with your small arms. Molotov causes an afterburn effect, preventing enemies from hurting you because they take damage over time.

A good strategy is also to climb to a high point and shoot your opponent with a bow or flare gun. If there are more opponents, try to throw a Molotov so that he sets fire to at least 25% of them.

Armor (Punch Resistance)

If you want to protect yourself from the cannibals’ blows, you must have armor (leather). You can get it from lizards and crocodiles. Lizards give 1 armor and crocodiles – 5. You can upgrade your armor. To do this, add armor and a dozen leaves to the craft. Then it will give you more defense. You can also make a pan from bones. Add 6 dice and 2 cloths to crafting. It gives you high defense.

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