The Forest – Combat Guide, Tips, and Tricks

In this guide, I will try to teach you the technique of fighting with all the enemies from this game


As far as we all know, there are enemies in the game that we need to fight. All enemies can be divided into two groups: cannibals (mutants) and creepy mutants. Each type has its own characteristics which we will analyze in this guide.


Characteristics and features.

Let’s start with cannibals. Cannibals have a little HP, small damage, but a sufficiently high attack speed. Generally, cannibals can be normal and skinny. I think it will not be difficult to distinguish them. The difference between them is only in the less HP. Most often they move in groups, which is more dangerous than when they move individually. Sometimes it’s better not to mess with them.

Ways to deal with them.

The most reasonable solution would be to try to hide, and get out of line of sight. If you are discovered, it is better not to let them get too close, especially at night.
Ideally, you need to find a place where they can’t get to you. Such places can be towers, containers, or your own building.
If you don’t have a ranged weapon, then after a certain amount of time the cannibals will run away themselves.

You can also use rivers and ponds because cannibals and even some mutants are afraid of water. They won’t be able to reach you while you’re in the water.

If there is no other way out but to fight, you should never run away from them, because they are much faster than our character, especially skinny cannibals.The best weapon for battles will be something fast, like a katana, or something explosive.

I would recommend molotov because dynamite or a bomb is difficult to hit the enemy, especially since cannibals run away at the sight of these devices.

And a hairspray will also be useful in combat.

One more piece of advice. If you see a stunned enemy then you should immediately finish him off because he can recover and continue the battle. In addition, his clansman can help him.

During the battle with the tribe, you need to kill their leader. It might scare the rest of the pack. The leader will stand out against the background of his fellow tribesmen. It will be decorated with skulls and other things.

By the way, as far as I know, many people use the block incorrectly. The hit block should be applied at the moment when you have already been swung at. If you choose a good moment and parry the enemy’s attack, it will stun him for a short period of time. To be able to use it well, you should practice a little.With a large number of enemies, as in the case of cannibals, the block is not very useful, because you are unlikely to be able to repel all the blows of opponents.


In addition, in pursuit of a single goal, I advise you to fight with heavier weapons such as an axe, a stone, or a club. Also, armor helps in battle which takes all the damage until it breaks completely.

Creepy Mutants

Characteristics and features

Creepy mutants are much stronger than cannibals. These mutants come in different types, each of which has its own features. As a rule, they attack singly, but there are times when you have to fight cannibals and creepy mutants together. There are the following types of creepy monsters:




Mutant Baby


Now we need to figure out ways to deal with each species.


Bombs can also work, but modified bombs will be better, particularly Sticky bombs. The main thing in battle is to have time to dodge blows. In the case of Armsy, the turtle shell is especially useful with which you can repel all the blows.
Crossbow and flintlock pistols will also be very effective in combat. The crossbow is capable of killing a mutant with 4 shots, regardless of whether you hit the head or body. It’s the same with a flintlock pistol.


Virginia is fast and can jump, thereby reducing the distance to the target. In the fight against it, it is best to have a ranged weapon.Spears will be very effective against a fight with Armsy and Virginia. They do quite a lot of damage to a creepy mutant, namely Armsy and Virginia. In the fight against cannibals, this is not quite the right weapon.


Despite his physique, Cowman is fast, and most often attacks like a battering ram.
It will be easiest to fight against him having fiery or poisonous arrows. Molotov and Sticky Bombs are also suitable.

Baby Mutant

They are not particularly dangerous. The main thing is just to have time to dodge their jump.


With them everything is more complicated. Individually, they pose absolutely no danger, but they can combine into various forms that will annoy you in the course of fighting them.The best weapon is Molotov, dynamite, and a bomb again, but not sticky.
By the way, it will not be possible to escape from them in the water.

Аs soon as you break the connection with the worms. They should be killed separately before they unite again. So worms are able to reproduce. One worm will be enough for two new ones to appear. This gives additional motivation to kill them as quickly as possible.


In addition to everything, we can say that fighting on the surface and fighting in caves can be very different, because there is quite a little space in the cave and it will be much more difficult to dodge attacks.

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