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The God of High School Episode 11 Release Date, Spoilers: Nine Tails Appeared

The God of High School Episode 11 will be releasing soon. Following the premiere of the previous episode, fans are now thrilled to see more action in the anime series.

In Episode 11 of The God of High School, the Seoul Team led by Jin Mori finally meets their opponent in the semi-finals of The God of High School Tournament. This is the South Jeolla team led by Park Ilpyo.

The first match between these two teams was between Han Daewi and Park Seungah. Both fighters didn’t underestimate each other but at the end of the day, someone has to win the battle. In this match, we see the announcer announcing Han Daewi as the winner.

As the fight between the two teams begins, the organizers of the tournament are also dealing with the Nox’s attack. This attack was led by Sang Mandeok, who tried to ruin the tournament. Fortunately, Park Mujin was there to stop him.

The second match in the semi-finals starts between the leader of both teams – Jin Mori and Park Ilpyo. The fight between the two is intense and at the very same moment, Park Mujin and the other staffs are also having a good fight against the Nox.

Fortunately, Park Mujin and the others stopped Sang Mandeok. The destruction of Sang Mandeok’s power also marks the end of the match between Jin Mori and Park Ilpyo. While everyone thinks that it is over, Park Ilpyo suddenly float and he started to change his appearance.

The God of High School Episode 11

This is Park Ilpyo’s nine-tails transformation, and it seems that the enemy was excited upon sensing his awakening. Will Jin Mori be able to defeat Park Ilpyo in the tournament? Let’s find out once the new episode of The God of High School releases.

The God of High School Episode 11 Premiere Date

You can watch the continuation of the tournament in The God of High School Episode 11 on Monday, September 14, 2020, at exactly 10:30 PM (JST). You have multiple options to watch the anime. As of writing, The God of High School anime is being simultaneously streamed on Crunchyroll, VRV, and YouTube via Muse Asia’s channel.

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