The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire Trophies for PS4

We finally got the full list of The Last Campfire trophies for PlayStation 4. The Last Campfire is an adventure-puzzle video game developed and published by Hello Games.

In The Last Campfire video game, players will be collecting a total of 23 trophies consisting of 6 bronze, 9 silver, 7 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. There are 10 secret trophies that can be unlocked in this game, which you can already found below.

Here is the complete The Last Campfire trophy list for PS4

The Last Campfire Trophies

Platinum TrophyThe Last Campfire
Earn all other trophies.
Gold TrophyCave Campfire Complete
Fully restore the Cave Campfire.
Gold TrophyThis Isn't Even My Final Form
Become whole. (Secret)
Gold TrophySnake's Beacon
Light a beacon for the Snake.
Gold TrophyLast Hope
Collect all hopes. (Secret)
Gold TrophyBetter Late Than Never
Complete the game.
Gold TrophyMarsh Campfire Complete
Fully restore the Marsh Campfire. (Secret)
Gold TrophyForest Campfire Complete
Fully restore the Forest Campfire.
Silver TrophyMarsh Campfire Lit
Light the Marsh Campfire.
Silver TrophyBuilder's Boat
Get a new boat. (Secret)
Silver TrophyBuilder's Awakening
Wake the Builder. (Secret)
Silver TrophyHungry Pig
Satiate the Pig's hunger. (Secret)
Silver TrophyCave Campfire Lit
Light the Cave Campfire.
Silver TrophyNet Whole
Mend the net (Secret)
Silver TrophyFifteenth Hope
Collect 15 hopes.
Silver TrophyTenth Hope
Collect 10 hopes.
Silver TrophyHungry Frog
Feed the Frog. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyFisherman's Awakening
Wake the Fisherman. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyCook's Awakening
Wake the Cook. (Secret)
Bronze TrophyForest Campfire Lit
Light the Forest Campfire.
Bronze TrophyFifth Hope
Collect 5 hopes.
Bronze TrophyThe Journey Begins
Reach the Forest.
Bronze TrophyFirst Hope
Collect your first hope.

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Apart from the PlayStation 4 version, The Last Campfire is also available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.