The Slater

The Slater – Level 1 (Mad Marco’s) Walkthrough + Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to complete Mad Marcho’s in hard mode in The Slater. In addition to the guide, we will also be giving you the obtainable achievements at this level.

The Slater Mad Marco’s Guide

Before we start with the mission, let me share you the items that you can get during this mission.


  • Location: Grab from the guy you kill in the alley (Press V after killing him).
  • Usage: Used to open the gate behind the bar, where you can enter an air duct to one of the bathrooms.

Waiter Keycard

  • Location: Grab from the waiter after killing him(Press V after killing him).
  • Usage: Used to open some keycard locks giving you access to security clothes.


  • Location: In the wall near the warehouse entrance.
  • Usage: Gives the code to the warehouse.

Security Card

  • Location: In a table near the entrance to Marco room(the one with the 2 different security guards).
  • Usage: Open all locked doors with Keycards.


  • Location: Grab from Lex after killing him in the warehouse(press V after killing him).
  • Usage: Key item to complete the mission.

Limited Security Card

  • Location: In the table inside the secret area to the warehouse (the entrance near the bikes in front of the club).
  • Usage: Open most of the doors with keycard locks of the club.

Walkthrough Guide

Go to the front of the club and go right.

The Slater

There is a passage behind the smoke, enter the door.

The Slater

Grab the limited Card.

The Slater

Here, jump down and hide behind the boxes, the ones near the entrance to the small lightroom.

The Slater

The Slater

The Slater

Wait for the 2 bodyguards to go away, them shoot or choke the target, do not forget to grab the briefcase from him.

The Slater

The Slater

Upstairs take the right way (the one the guards didn’t take, and you will find a note with the password to get back to the warehouse (it’s useless by now), here you’ll see two keycard doors, the one at right is locked, use the limited card in the left one to exchange your clothes.

The Slater

After leaving the room to follow the path (the right one) to here, pass the bar and enter the door with 2 security guards.

The Slater

The Slater The Slater

Now grab the unlimited security card, pass the door with the two security guards(red ones) and use the keycard to get inside, now just wait for the dialogue, make sure you wait the guard leave the room and kill the target, don’t forget to hide the body in the wardrobe, now just return back to the van.

The Slater

And that’s it! Your mission is now complete.

Obtainable Achievements

Junkie – Kill a junkie

  • Kill the guy at the end of the alley

Hunter – Shoot a bird

  • Shoot one (or more) pigeons near the alley entrance.

Death to dealers – Complete level 1

  • Complete the level in any difficulty.

Mad Marco’s Master – Complete level 1 as Stealth Master

  • Complete the level in Hard difficulty, without being seen and killing only the targets

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