The Slormancer

The Slormancer – Anarchist Mage Build Guide (v0.6.5n)

This build use Arcane breach with Violent contact upgrade as a main damage, so it’s an ancestral strike build. Arcane breach deal the first blow, if an enemy survives, Walking bomb and the remaining damage of Arcane breach will finish the job. This build can wipe large group of enemies, but it takes a little bit longer for fewer or scattered enemies.

Pros and Cons


  • You can wipe large groups of enemies almost instantly.
  • You can spam Arcane breach with 0 mana cost if you have Faith of the ancient and a decent Ancestral strike chance.
  • Fast to level up, thanks to the staff of the trainee
  • You can cover a lot of ground.
  • You only need to use 2 skills.


  • Glass cannon build.
  • Not so efficient against fewer enemies.
  • You need both versions of The staff of the trainee (Primordial and non primordial) at max level (1000), and character level to maximize it’s potential. Don’t worry, it’s not hard as it looks like, but it can be annoying.
  • You need to level up your skills before using The primordial staff of the trainee, because of the malediction.
  • It can be boring for some people, since all you do is spam arcane breach and sometimes Time warp to escape.

Skills and Upgrades

Mastery: Time warp

  • Tier 1: Experienced battlemage
  • Tier 2: Replenish
  • Tier 3: Life shaper
  • Tier 4: Crisis warp
  • Tier 5: None or Volatile clone
  • Tier 6: Temporal pact
  • Tier 7: Ancestral command
  • Tier 8: None

Primary skill: Arcane breach

  • Tier 1: Violent contact
  • Tier 2: Multi-breaches
  • Tier 3: Arcane flux
  • Tier 4: Ephemeral rift
  • Tier 5: Gravitational force

Secondary skill: Rift nova (Only if you use Battlemage Mantle)

  • Tier 1: Arcanic concordance
  • Tier 2: Greater rift
  • Tier 3: Any
  • Tier 4: Autonomous nova
  • Tier 5: Time stop

Skills and Upgrades Notes

Time warp
This mastery helps with mobility and mana regeneration before getting Faith of the ancients, thanks to Replenish and Life shaper. In tier 7 you can get Ancestral command, that upgrade at max rank, grants 10% ancestral strike chance.

Arcane breach
This is your main source of damage. Thanks to Violent contact you can deal burst damage in a large area. With multi-breaches and Faith of the ancients, you can spam Arcane breach, as long as you proc an ancestral strike within Faith of the ancient’s buff duration. Spamming this skill also increase your attack speed if you have Arcane flux upgrade.

Rift nova
Use this skill if you have Battlemage mantle, this combo cam be used for offense and defense. Offense, because that mean extra ancestral proc, with the extra crit chance and damage, and defense because of Time stop


Fury 10

Zeal 28

Willpower 75

Ancestral Legacy

Elemental boost
Neutral – Ancestral gift
Max rank: 10

  • You have +4 per rank Elemental damage.
  • You have +1% per rank Elemental damage.

Ardent strike
Fire – Ancestral strike
Max rank: 10

  • Your ancestral strikes create 3+1 per rank fireballs.

Arming the bomb
Max rank: 1

  • Your ancestral strikes now turn the enemy hit into a walking bomb
  • Walking bomb trigger after 2 seconds or after being killed, dealing 100% elemental damage to enemies within 1.25 yards radius. Walking bomb spread to enemies hit by the explosion, once.

Crawling disaster
Fire – Upgrade
Max rank: 1

  • Walking bomb spread twice.

Air conditioner
Ice – Aura
Max rank: 10
Cost: 10% Mana locked

  • While this aura is toggle on, enemies within a 2 yards radius around you have 25 + 2% per rank attack speed multiplier.

Slorm Reapers, Runes and Ultimatums

Slorm reaper: Primordial staff of the trainee

Stats at lvl 1000 (Primordial and non primordial) with 150 affinity

Slormsmith: Cory.

  • 135 – 250 reaper damage.
  • Max level: 1000.
  • +1750% Experience gain.
  • Whenever you deal damage to an enemy, you have X% chance to deal Y additional damage.
  • Chance is equal to your current character level.
  • Additional damage is equal to ten times your total experience gain.

Primordial benediction

  • +1750% Experience gain.
  • +1750% Experience gain multiplier.
  • You have +Z reaper damage.
  • Reaper damage is equal to the combined level of all your characters

Primordial malediction: You can no longer gain mastery.

  • Note: despite having 1000 max lvl, it’s not hard to max, because of the bonus exp. With the non primordial maxed, i level up the primordial from 1 to 55 with a single Arcane breach, in The great forge wrath V.
  • Note 2: This reaper’s effect can proc with any instance damage, including each tick of an damage over time, but this damage is added after the crit or ancestral proc, meaning it doesn’t benefit from those bonus damage.


  • Activation: Hagan
  • Effect: Nimble warrior
  • Enhancement: Hagan or Beigarth


Stats at lvl 15

Ultimatum of profund depth

  • Area damage reduction set to 57.5%

Stats Priority


  • Ancestral strike chance
  • Ancestral strike damage
  • Experience gain
  • Area increased effect
  • Life leech
  • Life on hit
  • Elemental damage
  • Max life
  • Damage reduction (All, Projectile and melee)


  • Critical chance: Around 44% should be enough if you have Damasius Awareness.


  • Elemental damage penetration

Legendary Items


  • Faith of the ancients
  • Damasius awareness
  • Sahrusiel’s pact


  • Winds of harmony
  • Black cape
  • Battlemage mantle
  • Sunlight and Moonlight essence
  • Aiming assistance pads

Gameplay Video

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