The Taller I Grow

The Taller I Grow Achievements for Xbox One

Developer and publisher Noobles Studio has released the official The Taller I Grow achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In The Taller I Grow, players will be collecting 11 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. No hidden achievements can be found in this game. Check out the full The Taller I Grow achievements for Xbox One.

The Taller I Grow Achievements

Getting StartedComplete level 1 in Normal Mode40
Doing WellComplete level 5 in Normal Mode60
Double DigitsComplete level 10 in Normal Mode80
Anti-Gravity!Complete level 20 in Normal Mode100
The EndComplete level 30 in Normal Mode150
HardenedComplete level 10 in Hardcore Mode75
ExpertComplete level 20 in Hardcore Mode125
The TallestComplete level 30 in Hardcore Mode200
Six FootConnect to 6 objects at the same time65
Questionable DecisionsRun something you probably shouldn't50
Super SecretFind the secret directory55

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