The Tenants

The Tenants Controls Guide for PC

This page covers the complete list of The Tenants controls for Windows PC. The Tenants is a management and city-builder video game developed by Ancient Forge. After a year since the early access started, publisher Frozen District has officially launched The Tenants on Steam.

The Tenants Controls

The following are the default The Tenants key bindings and shortcuts. You can change these default controls in the settings section of the game.

Main Action (Select)Left Mouse Button
Cancel Action / Move Camera (Hold)Right Mouse Button
Rotate Camera (Hold)Middle Mouse Button
Pause Game1
Game Speed x12
Game Speed x23
Quick SaveF5
Toggle Phone On/OffT
Toggle Properties Open/ClosedY
Enter Photo ModeEnter
Move Camera RightD
Move Camera LeftA
Move Camera ForwardW
Move Camera BackwardS
Zoom InR
Zoom OutF
Rotate Camera (CW)E
Rotate Camera (CCW)Q
Boost Camera SpeedLeft Shift
Exit Follow CameraSpace
Rotate Item LeftZ
Rotate Item RightC
Select All / Buy Multiple (Hold + Click)Left Shift
Floor Painting ModeF1
Wall Paint ModeF2
Furniture Buying ModeF3
Door Buying ModeF4
Show More Info (Hold)Left Alt
Item Sampling ModeV
Show Next TaskTab
Show Next PropertyO
Action Slot 1Z
Action Slot 2X
Action Slot 3C
Take Screenshot (Photo Mode)Enter
Exit Photo ModeL
Rotate Item LeftZ
Rotate Item RightC
The Tenants Controls

This is everything we can share about the default The Tenants key bindings. Good luck!