The Wild at Heart – Cat-astrophe Averted Achievement Guide

A guide on where to find all 13 of Litterbox’s cats and how to get them.

WARNING: This guide may contain spoilers! I advise you to finish the story first before using this guide, otherwise proceed at your own risk.

Central Deep Woods (5)

Location: The Green Witch Catafalque

Note: Once entering, head directly East to a hidden area.

Location: West Central Deep Woods

Note: Safely throw some Spritelings to the little patch of land, cross the toxic waste, then draw the Spritelings towards you.

Location: North of the camp

Requirements: Kirby, Shiverlings, 5 Twiglings

Note: Blow up the stone with a kettle bomb to gain access to the area. You will need Shiverlings to destroy the ice rocks, in order to get the Twiglings to Kirby. Throw at least 5 Twiglings to the little patch of land, run back to where the ice rocks were and bring the Twiglings towards you. Kirby will then be able to retrieve them and throw them over to the plant. Cross the new lilypad bridge to get the cat.

Location: East of Camp

Requirements: Barblings

Use the Barblings to break the crystals and gain access to the area.

Location: Eastern path, leading to Wispwagon

Requirements: Lunalings

Only the Lunalings can access this area, so you’ll have to complete Aatto’s request first.

Sunken Grotto (1)

Location: Southwest of Camp

Note: To access this cat, you’ll have to fix the broken windmill and open the gate. The missing part is actually hidden quite well, but it’s not far and only requires 4 Spritelings to carry. From the cat, head left down the path to where you fought the Brimcaps – there’s a hidden path along the wall. Grab the piece to fix the windmill and you’re good to go.

Crystalfall Coast (1)

Location: Eastern Cliff on the other side of the camp gate

Requirements: Barblings

Note: Lift any amount of Barblings up to Kirby. The cat is located near the log that Kirby pops out of. Break the crystal with the Barblings to gain access to the area.

Frostfields (2)

Location: Northwest, in a hidden area

Note: You can access this area after retrieving one of the crates needed for the story quest. The crate needs 25 Spritelings to move out of the way.

Location: Far East

Note: Go through the toxic path and kick the box.

Wispwagon (2)

Location: East of the warp pad

Requirements: Kettle Bomb

Use the Kettle Bomb to break the cracked stone blocking the area.

Location: West side, near the Torch Throats and crystals

Requirements: Barblings

Use the Barblings to destroy the crystals blocking the bubbles and log. Once Kirby is on the cliff, send any Spriteling(s) up using the bubbles, and throw them across to the cat.

Rattlebrook Gulch (1)

Location: Southwest Corner

Note: Along the Southwest border, there’s a hidden path to another small area. Either hop down or climb down the vine wall, which is left of the bush in the photo.

The Undergrowth (1)

Location: Start of Game

Note: Once you have Kirby, you can head back to the very start of the game. Wake can’t join, but send Kirby through the log passage and go all the way South (there are no enemies, so no Spritelings needed). There’s another log passage to the left – head through there and you’ll find a very special cat. You can just kick the box to free it.

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