The Wild at Heart – Pagemaster Achievement Guide

This guide will help you locate all 17 Lost Journal pages. Please be aware that this guide may contain spoilers. I recommend finishing the story first before using this guide. If you choose to proceed without completing the story, please be aware that there may be spoilers, and proceed at your own risk.

Page Locations

Page # Location
1 The Green Witch Catafalque
2 The Undergrowth, Western Path
3 The Grove, Crow’s Nest’s Shop
4 Heartlands, Northwest Area
5 Central Deep Woods, Northwest of Camp
6 Central Deep Woods Camp
7 Wispwagon, Northwest Area
8 Crystalfall Coast – East, inside a crystal
9 Sunken Grotto Camp
10 Frostfields West
11 Frostfields, East of Camp
12 Frostfields Shrine
13 Crystalfall Coast Shrine
14 Wispwagon, Northeast Area
15 Wispwagon Shrine
16 The Green Witch Catafalque, end of game
17 Umbral Lethea, end of game missable

Central Deep Woods

Page #1

Location: The Green Witch Catafalque

Visible once entering the area, but you’ll need to talk to Grey Coat first. Hop down from the cliff to find him, then toss 5 Twiglings at the 2 nearby budding plants to reach the page.

Page #3

Location: The Grove

Requirements: Build Crow’s Nest’s Shop

This page can be seen from the other side of the fence, but can’t be retrieved until you find the Iron Cauldron to build the shop.

Page #5

Location: Slightly Northwest of Camp

Requirements: 5 Shiverlings

Use the Shiverlings to form the ice bridge, then proceed to clear the area. The Page will be behind the ice rock to the far right.

Page #6

Location: Camp

Available after setting up this camp location

Page #16

Location: The Green Witch Catafalque

Available near the end of the game.

Page #17

Location: Umbral Lethea

Available once entering the grave of the Green Witch. This page can be missed, as you cannot return to this area after you beat the game, so don’t forget to pick it up!

The Heartlands

Page #4

Location: Heartlands, Northwest Area

Move the boulder out of the way (20 Spritelings). This opens the area to the Heartlands warp pad and the waterfall where you can get the ‘Nature Bath’ achievement.

Sunken Grotto

Page #9

Location: Camp entrance

Crystalfall Coast

Page #8

Location: Eastern Cliff, inside a crystal

Requirements: Barblings

Lift any amount of Barblings up to Kirby. The Page will be North of the barrel, encased in a crystal – use the Barblings to break it and retrieve the Page.

Page #13

Location: In the Shrine, next to the campfire

Requirements: Gain access to the Shrine


Page #10

Location: Directly West from the first Frostfields entrance

Requirements: None

Page #11

Location: East of the Frostfields camp, on the cliff

Requirements: Shiverlings to access the cliff

Page #12

Location: In the Shrine

Requirements: Gather all of the crates to gain access to the Shrine


Page #7

Location: Northwest Area, Behind Aatto

Requirements: 5 Lunalings

You will have to complete Aatto’s request to get the Lunalings and gain access to this area.

Page #14

Location: Northeast Area, edge of the cliff

Requirements: 24 Lunalings (or minimum of 4 Lunalings, if you’re at max cap)

To access this area, you’ll have to wait for night to fall in order to move the boulder, since Lunalings will be worth 3x more.

Page #15

Location: In the Shrine, behind the trash bags

Requirements: Gain access to the Shrine

Gather all stones to complete the pattern on the ground.

The Undergrowth

Page #2

Location: Western Path

Coming from Crystalfall Coast, you’ll come across this page easily. If you come from the East, you will need Barblings to break the crystals blocking the path.

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