The Wild at Heart – Trove Trustee Achievement Guide

A guide on where to find all 16 relics to complete the Grove Trove and how to get them.

WARNING: This guide may contain spoilers! I advise you to finish the story first before using this guide, otherwise proceed at your own risk.

Relic Locations

In order of how they appear in the Grove Trove.

Relic Location
Giant’s Tooth Sunken Grotto
Jangly Keys Central Deep Woods
Tangerine Creep Central Deep Woods
Wood Sentinel’s Heart Central Deep Woods
Ocean’s Eye Crystalfall Coast
Soap Slinger Central Deep Woods
Meeting Stone Wispwagon
Star Child’s Cradle Frostfields
Goosebump Casket Frostfields
Skewered Mount Crystalfall Coast
Smelt It’s Slammer Frostfields
Treasure Trap Sunken Grotto
Pedal Sleigh The Heartlands
Stinky Shack Wispwagon
Woodland Blade Central Deep Woods
Glitter Globe Crystalfall Coast

Central Deep Woods

Woodland Blade

Location: Further West from the Soul Shell in a hidden area

Requirements: 5 Spritelings

Note: The area is blocked off by a stone slab, so you’ll need 15 Spritelings to move it.

Tangerine Creep

Location: West Central Deep Woods (where the ramp is)

Requirements: 5 Emberlings, 30 Any Type (Min. 35 Spritelings total)

Note: This area can be reached through a secret path from the Sunken Grotto. In the room with the toxic mushrooms, there’s a breakable wall along the East side, as seen below.

Soap Slinger

Location: Slightly Northwest of camp

Requirements: 5 Shiverlings, 10 Any Type (Min. 15 Spritelings total)

Note: Use the Shiverlings to form the ice bridge.

Jangly Keys

Location: East of the camp in the flood zone

Requirements: 5 Barblings, 35 Any Type (Min. 40 Spritelings total)

Note: Throw at least 5 Barblings at the hanging barrel to drain the water. You can retrieve those same Barblings to help carry, without the water refilling.

Wood Sentinel’s Heart

Location: Just East of the Green Witch Catafalque

Requirements: 60 Spritelings (at least 9 Lunalings), Defeat the Groggthud

Note: The area is blocked off by a huge boulder that requires 75 Spritelings to move. The Spriteling cap is 60, but the

Lunalings are worth 3x more at night, so that is the only time you can move it. Be sure to bring some Makeshift Flares or Night Lights to keep the Never beings away while throwing your Spritelings.

The Heartlands

Pedal Sleigh

Location: West of the Heartlands warp pad

Requirements: Kirby, 12 Spritelings

Note: Only accessible with Kirby

Sunken Grotto

Treasure Trap

Location: Northeast of Camp

Requirements: 25 Spritelings, Barblings

Note: The area is blocked off by crystals, so you’ll need any amount of Barblings to break them. Complete the simple puzzle to access the relic.

Giant’s Tooth

Location: Southwest of Camp

Requirements: 5 Twiglings, 10 Any Type (Min. 15 Spritelings)

Note: Head West until you reach the rock bridge – before going under, go down the path heading South to blow the windmill. Send Kirby up to the bridge, where the gate is now open, and use the lantern to clear the path. Continue down the path and use the Twiglings on the plant to access the Tooth.

Crystalfall Coast

Ocean’s Eye

Location: South of the warp pad

Requirements: Shiverlings, 25 Spritelings

Note: The area is blocked off by a gate and some ice rocks. Use Shiverlings to gain access to the area, and remove the urchins from the barrel to open the gate.

Glitter Globe

Location: Cath

Requirements: Complete Cath’s request, 8 Spritelings

Skewered Mount

Location: Northeast corner, where it was previously flooded

Requirements: 25 Spritelings

Note: You’ll need to complete Cath’s request to gain access to this area.


Smelt It’s Slammer

Location: East of Camp

Requirements: 5 Shiverlings, 15 Any Type (20 Spritelings total)

Note: Send Kirby to the other side and throw over 5 Shiverlings to form the ice bridge.

Goosebump Casket

Location: Far East Area

Requirements: Shiverlings, 10 Barblings

Note: Send the Barblings up to break the crystal blocking Kirby. Switch to Kirby and use the lantern, while simultaneously throwing Shiverlings through the tree to make copies. Kirby can then use the copies to move the relic (up to a certain point), then use the Barblings to take the relic the rest of the way.

Star Child’s Cradle

Location: South of Camp

Requirements: 34 Lunalings

Note: Accessing this area is a simple task, but only Lunalings will be able to carry this relic out safely. You’ll have to retrieve it during the night, since Lunalings will be worth 3x as much. Be sure to bring Makeshift Flares or Night Lights to protect against the Never beings.


Stinky Shack

Location: Just west of the temple

Requirements: Kirby, 15 Spritelings

Meeting Stone

Location: East of the Shrine, behind the hive

Requirements: Shiverlings, 30 Spritelings

Note: Bring at least 1 Shiverling to break the ice rocks to gain access to this relic.

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