The Wild Eight

The Wild Eight Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get the 100% achievements in The Wild Eight. If you’re one of the players planning to obtain all The Wild Eight achievements, this guide is for you.

Before we start, please note that this achievement guide may contain spoilers of the game. If you’re looking for a certain achievement, feel free to search the post by simply using the Ctrl+F combo.

The Wild Eight Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 25 achievements in The Wild Eight. 3 of these achievements are hidden and secret. Below are the steps on how you can obtain them.

The Crash Was Just The Beginning – Complete the first story quest

  • Do the main quest

Time Flies – Survive until the 4th Day

  • Survive

Once More into the Fray – Restart the game for the first time

  • Die and respawn

I’m The Alpha – Kill a Wolf for the first time

  • Kill a wolf

Getting The Hang Of It – Survive until the 8th Day

  • Survive

Dinner For Eight – Cook every type of meat 8 times

  • Kill & cook

40 Skills, 1 Time – Learn all 40 skills

  • Upgrade 40 skills.

Unexpectedly Tasty – Eat human meat for the first time

  • After you respawn you can go get a piece from your corpse. If you don’t want to die, it’s possible to get a piece on 2nd part of the map. (after bridge)

It’s Been Two Weeks… – Survive until the 15th Day

  • Survive

Real Bunny Hunter – Kill a Rabbit using a Trap for the first time

  • Build a trap and place it where you have bunny traffic. You don’t have to stay near the trap. I got it while being in the bunker.

Tree Puncher – Gather 1000 wood

  • Self-explanatory

Miner’s Craft – Gather 1000 ore

  • Self-explanatory

A New Month – Survive until the 31st Day

  • Survive

Spelunker – Find a glowing diamond and equip it while in the caverns

  • They spawn randomly, I’ve found multiple in a single playthrough

Alone In The Bunker – Complete “Home, Sweet Home” quest

  • It’s a side quest

Groundhog Day – Restart the game 10 times

  • You die and respawn. The fastest way is at the end of the game. From Entrance-2 run and fall in a hole.

At Last the Map is Complete! – Unlock 1040 tiles on the map

  • No need to do the whole map, just do the tiles

Home, Sweet Home – Unlock 6 rooms in the HUB

  • You will find the keys around the world in POIs

40 Skills, 140 Times – Level up every skill to their maximum level

  • Upgrade skills, you will unlock it before getting everything to max level

Where Were You In August 1992 – Complete “The Door” quest

  • It’s a side quest

Survival Expert – Survive until Day 100

  • Survive

Winter Farm – Plant 8 seedlings in the HUB greenhouse

  • You will find the seeds around the world in POIs

Man vs. Wild – Survive until Day 200

  • By far the most time-consuming Achievement. Easy to do while playing solo. After you get seeds, AFK in the hub and feed yourself from time to time. If you have two screens, you can change to windowed mode and use the other screen in the meantime.

In Mint Condition – Repair a weapon in very critical condition using the Bidirectional Teleporter

  • The weapon needs to have durability less than 5

Welcome To The VAPOR-3 Transit System – Use the Transit System with VAPOR-3 Protective Suit, VAPOR-3 Armored Boots, VAPOR-3 Helmet, and a Crowbar equipped

  • Get the yellow VAPOR-3 set and ride transit

Transit Locations

Note: The tiles get randomly generated, but the main locations remain relatively the same.

The Wild Eight The Wild Eight The Wild Eight The Wild Eight

Additional Notes

  • If you get stuck, there is a chat command: “/unstuck north”
  • Press enter to activate it
  • Try to use it a couple of times.
  • Possible to use in all directions: north, east, west, south

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