The Wind Road PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

The Wind Road

The Wind Road is an action-adventure game published by Phoenix Games. With the overwhelming features of the game, it’s not surprising to see good reviews on Steam. If you’re one of the gamers who want to test out this game, here are the default The Wind Road controls to help you get started.

The Wind Road Controls

Be reminded that you change and modify these keyboard and gamepad controls by going to the settings section of the game. Also, make sure that you hit apply to confirm the control modifications that you have made.

Main MenuEsc
Martial Art 11
Martial Art 22
Martial Art 33
Martial Art 44
Inner Qi 1Q
Inner Qi 2E
Inner Qi 3R
Sprint / RollShift
Unsheathe / TargetCtrl
Walk / DodgeAlt
Skill ComboLeft Mouse Button
Block / AimRight Mouse Button
Interact / BreakF
MovementsW A S D
The Wind Road Keyboard Controls
Traceless / WalkLT
MeditationLT + A
Interact / CounterattackLB
Rol / SprintRT
Block / AimRB
MovementsLeft Stick
MovesX, Y, B
Switch Martial ArtsDirectional Pad
Main MenuMenu Button
InventoryView Button
Camera ControlRight Stick
The Wind Road Gamepad Controls

And this is everything you need to learn about The Wind Road controls and shortcuts. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions to improve this guide. Also, check our Monster Hunter Rise PC weapon controls guide.