The World of the Married

Preview: The World of the Married Episode 16 (The Finale)

The final week for the World of the Married is here which means that fans will be seeing the episode finale of the drama series. The World of the Married Episode 16 will finally conclude the story between Ji Sun-Woo and Lee Tae-Oh.

Most Asian dramas have the tendency to wrap everything in the last episode. While there are dramas who gives fans a cliffhanger like Vagabond, it seems that The World of the Married will not be following the same path.

In this Korean drama guide, we will be sharing you all the details that we know about the last episode of The World of the Married. Read on to discover when will it be released and where to watch the series online.

The World of the Married Episode 16 Release Date

The World of the Married episode finally will be available in South Korea on the JTBC network on Saturday, May 16, 2020, at 11:50 PM (KST). Since this is the last episode for the series, make sure to catch Ji Sun-Woo and Lee Tae-Oh in The World of the Married.

The World of the Married Online Streaming

If you’re in South Korea or has the access to JTBC network, you can watch it the same time it premieres in South Korea. Another option to watch the drama is by streaming it online.

Currently, Director Mo Wan-Il’s top-hit drama is exclusively streaming on Viu, a Hong Kong-based streaming platform. Unfortunately, Viu is not available in western countries such as the United States and the UK. As of writing, Viu is accessible in 17 countries in Asia including Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and more.

If you’re planning to watch the series and don’t have the access to the streaming platform, we recommend using VPN with support feature to any of the mentioned countries above.

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