Things to Know Before Playing The Long Drive

How to start and play in The Long Drive is described here.

First Steps

  • If you bought The Long Drive and it’s installed you can head to your library and run it
  • I’ll explain to you the buttons in the starting menu: if you press “Create” you start a new game if you press “Load” you can Load one of your saves if you Press “Discord” Discord (if installed) will launch and you’ll be able to see the genesz server if you press “Seed” you can input a number, that will be your seed if you press “settings” you can change settings if you press the newspaper you’ll see the patch notes. [if you just hold the left or right mouse button a funny secret will happen]
  • Now that you understand the main menu just click “create” to start a game. you’ll spawn in a garage whit a car lots of stuff and a bucket whit “Water” (Pee). First, get everything. Except for the things I’ll list below:
    -Barrel (if you have a pick up you can take one. but make sure it’s filled whit useful things)
    – Not a snake
    -metal bars
    but make sure to take the following things:
    -gas (or diesel in the case of a rare diesel car)
    -dog (optional)
    -gun (even if you have peaceful on, trust me)
    -gun ammo
  • now you have everything in the car, it still looks ugly huh? take the rust brush and brush the rusty pieces of the car and then take the sponge and make the car shiny
  • if you have everything in the car, the car is shiny and you filled it up whit gas, oil, and water. then you can open the door and start driving


now your car looks good huh? perfect! then let’s start driving!


  • W to accelerate
  • S to hit the Brakes
  • A and D to steer
  • Space Bar to pull the Hand Brake
  • I for Ignition
  • L for lights
  • Caps Lock to Hum
  • C to change the camera
  • M to change to Map view
  • hold Q and move your mouse to lean toward something

That’s all!

Remember to drive carefully first

Looting & fighting

Remember to stop at any structure because they contain Loot.

If you find a structure:

  • stop
  • Fight the rabbits/zombies
  • Loot
  • Drive
  • Repeat

The best structure is the garage structure, it’s filled whit loot and may contain 0-3 cars.


if you see a rabbit/zombie you need one of the following:

  • BB gun whit ammo
  • Revolver whit ammo
  • AK whit ammo
  • Shotgun whit ammo
  • Crowbar
  • Katana

with melee weapons, just click. if you have a ranged weapon(gun) follow the instructions on the left side

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