Thy Sword

Thy Sword Achievements for Xbox One

Developer and publisher GamePhase has released the official Thy Sword achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Thy Sword, players will be collecting 16 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements in this game. Check out the full Thy Sword achievements for Xbox One.

Thy Sword Achievements

Heads upHeadchop an enemy.15
TreasureGet the key to a chest.15
BullseyeGet hit by your own arrow.15
MarksmanKill a flying enemy with an arrow.30
SmithereensGet killed by an explosive barrel.15
Ready for battle Finish the tutorial.30
Ring the BellHit the lantern on the title screen70
Loot!Find the secret gate to the loot room.90
Head collectorChop 15 heads enemies in one game.90
ArachnicideKill the Spider Queen.90
Back to the AbyssKill the Lurking Horror.90
DragonslayerKill the Dragon Lord.90
Might over magicKill the Sorcerer of Thorn.90
Pile of bonesKill the Lich King & Queen.90
Unite the crystalsGain all five crystals.90
Victory!Finish the game.90

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