Tiny Life Console Commands and Usage

List of data-mined console commands; I haven’t tested these, but most of the commands are obvious.

How to Use

Press F1 by default (it’s configurable settings) and then type in one of the commands and see what happens.

Useful Commands

Lets you buy everything, like food and dirty dishes

Lets you change lot types

Lets you move into lots without paying for them (literally free real estate)

Complete Commands

  • ShowCollisions
  • ShowActionSpots
  • ShowObjectSpots
  • ShowDepth
  • ShowNonBuyable
  • ShowSelectionEffect
  • NoNeed
  • HideInside
  • HideOutside
  • HideStatic
  • ShowSections
  • EditWorld
  • ShowPaths
  • ShowRoads
  • IgnorePlacementRules
  • ExtremelyFast
  • ShowAllLots
  • EditCurrentActionSpot
  • BuyBroken
  • BuyDirty
  • ShowColumns
  • ForceUtilitiesDisabled
  • FreeLots
  • ShowAllRelationships
  • PeriodicStats
  • PrintAdditionalMetrics
  • ShowDebugActions
  • SkipChoicePrompts
  • IgnoreTransitive
  • ZombieMode
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