Tips and Tricks for Beginners in Baldur’s Gate 3

A collection of various Tips for Beginners for starting Baldur’s Gate 3.

Check Settings First

Certain settings hold greater significance than others and warrant review prior to commencing your gameplay. Review, for instance, the multiplayer features, which, as per reports from fellow players, are enabled by default. Unless you wish to have others join you without invitation at their convenience, it’s advisable to adjust this setting before initiating a new game.

Similarly, the same holds true for the savegames feature. I recommend deactivating Steam Cloud Services and Larian Studios’ Cross-Save functionality.

Karmic Dice

Karmic Dice, which are activated by default, serve to prevent prolonged sequences of failure while maintaining a predominantly random outcome. This mechanism acts as a safeguard against persistent strings of positive or negative dice rolls within Baldur’s Gate 3, effectively curbing the occurrence of extended patterns of fortunate or unfortunate outcomes for characters.

Personally, I recommend with that option off, for an authentic Dungeons & Dragons experience.

Trying to manipulate Karma with Karma is bad Karma.

Picking Up Stacks (of Gold)

Problems with picking up stacks? Change the interface options.

Press F10 to Hide GUI

Pressing F10 (default keybind) allows you to conceal the GUI, enabling you to capture screenshots devoid of the buttons located in the bottom left corner.

Easy to Miss: Toggle Armour Visibility

The toggle armour set visibility and helm visibility options are easy to miss, as they are hidden by default until you mouseover the relevant columns in the inventory interface.

Sell vs. Barter

You can barter with traders but you do not have to. Using the selling options makes it much easier to get your hands on gold, and you can use the Sell Wares option to sell unwanted items in bulk.

Small People fit in Small Places

Gnomes, Dwarves, and Halflings possess the unique ability to navigate passages that remain inaccessible to others, opening up a realm of new possibilities.

Use the Environment

In nearly every encounter, you’ll discover environmental elements that can be harnessed to your advantage. For instance, you can strategically target and bring down a chandelier to strike at your adversaries.

Digging for Treasures

As you stumble upon buried treasure, your characters will instinctively conduct a survival check to identify any surface indications of where to dig. Should you not succeed in this attempt, you can still initiate the digging process by choosing the corresponding option from the inventory menu. Remarkably, even without a clear indication of the burial spot, you can make an attempt and possibly uncover the treasure through sheer luck.

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