Top 10 Tips as a Medic in BattleBit Remastered

In this short guide, I would like to share with you some things I’ve learned while playing as a Medic in the tests and after the release of BattleBit Remastered.

Since these are personal opinions, they are based on my gameplay experience and conversations with friends. Due to the guide’s purpose, it doesn’t aim to cover all the details of this class but rather provide quick tips on how to be a good Medic and effectively collaborate with your team.

Tip 1

Keep in mind that your mission is to heal and revive your teammates, not focus on kills. Killing is necessary to collaborate with the team, upgrade weapons, and protect yourself, but it’s not the focus of this class.

Tip 2

Medics gain XP by healing and reviving allies. The more you dedicate yourself to this, the faster you’ll level up.

Tip 3

Bandages are vital items for a Medic. If you run out, you can replenish them at Ammo Boxes or through Airdrops.

Tip 4

Always seek protection whenever possible when healing or reviving your teammates. Lying down and staying out of enemies’ sight is an effective way to heal.

Tip 5

In the midst of intense gunfire, choose the best moment to revive and heal your teammates. It’s a difficult choice, and in the heat of battle, it’s common for Medics to die while trying to save their allies.

Tip 6

The Medic Kit has a small area of effect, so you don’t have to be right next to your teammate to heal them.

Tip 7

When playing as a Medic, remember that this is a support class, and it’s expected that you help your teammates.

Tip 8

Whenever possible, drag your teammates to a more protected location while reviving them. That’s what the F key is for.

Tip 9

You can always drop a Medic Kit for your allies. To do this, select the Medic Kit and press the X key.

Tip 10

When it comes to weapons, I’ve chosen and also talked to several medics who use M4A1, AK-15, and Groza. However, the best weapon is always the one you’re most skilled with and suits your playstyle the most.

Valid tip for everyone

When you notice that a Medic is healing you, reduce your running speed and stop for a few seconds. It’s common for Medics to have to run with the Medic Kit behind their allies.

If possible, crouch down or seek cover while receiving healing.

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