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Top Rarest Skins in Hunt: Showdown

This is a semi-subjective listing of some of the rare skins of Hunt: Showdown. While not perfect it does represent a relatively accurate rarity for the sake of entertainment and amusement. The guide does not specifically explain how to obtain these hunters if still possible to do so but may include references or partial instructions for some.

Note: I was a bit late doing this since it’s more of a casual guide than an actual informative bit so it doesn’t include anything from the Tides of Desolation event.

Hunters (Top 5)

This section will talk about the rarest hunters of the bayou. Chances are if you’ve played for a while you can name em’ all but Let’s have some fun with it anyways.

#1 Plague Doctor

Okay, technically this is a lie. Plague Doc might be the most envied hunter in the game but if we look at the stats he’s actually #2. However, the reason I’ve got him up at #1 is the fact that this hunter was released during the “As the crow flies” event to introduce Scrapbeak. Due to the unique nature of this event and it not being tied to seasonal reoccurring themes, Plague Doc will likely be an exclusive hunter to those who played during the event. Adding to the rarity is the swell in Hunt’s player-base over the last couple years and some older players stepping away from the title. While many players love to show off this hunter they’re still a small group and adamantly defend their ownership of one of Hunt’s only “exclusive skins”.

#2 Bad Hand

Mr.Legendary White-Shirt himself. Now again, Bad Hand should Be #1 by the numbers but theres a reason he’s here. As of this guide Bad Hand is the rarest hunter due to the fact he has a sub ~1% drop from your Dark Tribute rolls. The reason our gambling friend is #2 is the fact that , while small, he is still obtainable. This means over time more and more players will start to collect him lowering the rarity over time eventually. While he certainly won’t be a common sight in any foreseeable future the fact he can still be grabbed up justifies a silver metal for him in my book.

#3 Light The Shadow Trio (Wayfarer)

Now if you wanna get nit picky this should technically go to The Wayfarer (First Image) who was part of the same event but only unlocked via 1000 Blood Bonds rather than event progression. That being said this was an event that didn’t see nearly as much retained player-base as the modern Hunt events and as such a great many players likely missed some if not all of these hunters. The Bayou Wraith released as a DLC alongside the other native hunters and while all 4 are rare to see only the 3 listed were time limited in what is effectively the first version of Hunt’s new event format.

#4 Billy Story

Billy Story was the original Twitch Drop hunter of the bayou. In Hunt’s first go at using twitch drops, Billy was one of several rewards that you could get from the drop campaign that lasted a week early in the game’s life. The catch, the drops were random. You’d receive a drop on average every 4-6 hours of watching streams that had the drops enabled but what you got in them could be anything from in game items to hunt dollars to legendary skins including the coveted Con man turned big game hunter himself.The first go around only a few players lucked out with there drops making Billy at the time even more scarce than the Plague Doctor (Ban Hand wasn’t around yet). For the next couple years it’d stay that way until the introduction of quest lines. Billy one again returned to twitch but this time with both twitch and Hunt learning that RNG is among the most despised mechanics. For a pre-set amount of stream watching you’d be rewarded with a quest-line that would have you play with Hunt’s new Stalker Beetle and if you completed it, you could net all of the drops that came in that first wave along with Billy Story. While his rarity has certainly dropped the quest line that allowed players to collect big bad Billy has expired and he once again returns to unobtainable status….for now.

#5 The Viper: Stage 4 Frenzy

One of my personal favorite ideas for a hunter, The Viper was the main focus of the Serpent’s Moon pass and featured 4 different variants of the hunter as he became progressively more infected. While Serpent’s moon was the second event in the moon trilogy, it brought with it some mechanics that split the player base in terms of enjoyment. A new night time that took prominence in the weather rotation paired with points that could be stolen from your hunter if killed before you had the chance to banish them led to many a frustrated player calling it quits before reaching the 4th and final phase of The Viper. Additionally only the first phase was available of the free pass while the others required the premium version costing roughly $15-$20 depending on region if memory serves. Since this event, the mechanic of stealing event points from downed hunters has yet to make a return likely due to the feedback from this event. However, for those who endured or thrived in rewarded bloodshed Viper: Frenzy made for an ample prize and the perfect 5th spot hunter.

Hunters (Honorable Mentions)

This section is mainly for hunters who hold a semi-rare status but didn’t make the list because I only did 5.


Originally released in December of 2020 for the Blood & Ice event, Skinflint has since made a return during Christmas time in subsequent years along side other previously seasonal event bound hunters usually for 1000 Blood Bonds or as part of a bundle.

The Headsman

Among the more camouflaged hunters in the bayou, The Headsman appeared from Oct 29 2021 to November 9th during The Harvest Halloween event. This collection event allowed players a short event to gather the grey menace who would later appear in shops along with previous Halloween weapons for Blood Bonds. As of this October Headsman has been available on 3 occasions and will likely be repeated each year along with other All Hallows hunters.

Devil’s Advocate

To finish off an exciting year for Hunt, December of 2021 brought the Winter Solstice event and with it, Devil’s Advocate or DA for short. DA was another hunter that many players couldn’t wait to grab when he was shown off in the teaser trailer. However a steep grind similar to Plague Doctor’s left a good many players without the hunter when the event ended in early January of 2022. However, The following December, both Skinflint and DA returned to the shops along with most of the event items in exchange for Blood Bonds.This caused some commotion as many players who has missed PD but gotten DA hoped to have a similar status with their hunter. Regardless he’s become a staple character in many event trailers since and among the more popular hunters in the bayou.

Twitch Drop & Quest line Hunters

While certainly not an extremely rare sight these hunters required players to watch partnered streamers with a linked twitch account or complete limited time quest lines in order to earn their unique hunters. Some, like Lulu, have had multiple events while others have been one time occurrences. Their set to have another hunter join them October 25 2023 when Umpire’s Bane begins their drops on Hunt partnered channels. These campaigns also feature weapons, gear & charms for players to collect and use in their bayou brawling.

Weapon/Equipment Skins

Alright so this section is going to be a fair bit shorter as many of the original rare skins have since returned in holiday bundles while many others that haven’t are from the same events that were referenced in the hunter section. So for the sake of brevity we’ll just go through ones that are uniquely rare. These aren’t in any particular order as it’s far harder to quantify how many player have some of these.

Last resort

The Last Resort is a Lemat pistol earned by completing all trials with 3 stars. While a great many hunters have participated in the trials in order to collect it’s bounty of Bloodbonds and some of the low hanging rewards, many find themselves either uninterested or too frustrated to collect a perfect score. But for those who obtain all 96 stars, this charming Lemat awaits!

The Benefactor

The Benefactor is a unique chain pistol awarded to those hunters who played before the 1.0 update for Hunt. Despite it’s relatively plain design, the gold pistol doesn’t often make an appearance in the bayou due to the relatively low amount of hunters permitted to wield it. Flavor text aside it’s a fun token to show off veteran status and remember when Hunt came from and how much it’s improved!

The Centenary

The Centenary is a Mosin rifle awarded to those who undertake the arduous process of reaching prestige 100. This display of commitment both to time and improvement of skill merits an award to display this achievement and while this skin is far from the most unique or flashy that the Mosin has to offer, it is one that’s earn somewhat of an infamy to those yet to unlock it as a prized trophey taken from such hunters. You could argue that all the prestige rewards are exclusive to a degree but the lower the requirement the more plentiful the skin, as such I figured the top of the grind made the most sense!

Similar to the hunters, twitch drops and event skins hold a level of rarity but it’s difficult to identify how many player own the skins. Ultimately they’re skins that hold a limited rarity with older events likely having fewer players to collect those skins but that’s entirely conjecture.


As a final note, this is a mostly subjective look at skin rarity as the majority of these skins may very well come back. If I’ve missed any or if there’s a point to be made about how I’ve maybe put something in a wrong position i’d love to hear about it. All in all this was just a silly idea that might give newer players an idea of what the less frequently seen skins are.

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