Torn Apart Prototype Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Here is a beginner’s guide to Ton Apart that will provide you with an overview of the game mechanics and help you understand the gameplay.

Getting Started in Ton Apart

Entering the zombie-infested wilderness of Ton Apart can feel overwhelming, but we are here to assist you with some essential tips.

To begin with, it is highly recommended to play the game with a group of at least three other players, in addition to yourself. Ideally, the more players you have, the greater your chances of success. Working together will provide the necessary support to combat the relentless hordes of zombies.

Proximity Chat

Do these phrases sound familiar? “You’re too quiet,” “We can’t hear you,” or “Why would you say something like that? I was with Robin the WHOLE time, I swear!” If they do, let’s address two of those issues: checking your in-game audio settings and ensuring they don’t hinder your ability to uncover who is secretly plotting against your team (notice the subtle wordplay?).

Proximity chat, a feature that will undergo significant improvements if the prototype progresses to production, can help with these issues. However, until then, we recommend regularly verifying your audio settings in-game after each round to ensure optimal performance.

Grab your tools

And no, this time we’re not referring to your friends for multiplayer. When you begin a round, you might fall into the same trap I did during my initial playthrough—rushing past the door and ignoring the table where essential tools are located. These tools are crucial for almost everything you need to accomplish. Avoid making the same mistake I did. Take a moment to grab those tools and start stabbing or repairing, depending on the situation!

Stock up on nails and screws

In addition to your tools, don’t forget to gather nails and screws for repairing the window and door barricades that the zombies are relentlessly attacking. Fortunately, you can locate these vital items inside wooden crates scattered throughout the map. Make sure to replenish your supply before running out.

Join the meeting

When a meeting is convened to discuss who among your group should be sacrificed to the ravenous zombie hordes lurking outside the gates, it is crucial to gather in the meeting room, which is the same room where you initially started. Similar to real-life scenarios, ensure that you participate in the voting process to make your voice heard and have a say in the outcome!

Not to help out the traitors, but…

For those who consider themselves masters of deception, here’s a little tip: you can feign assistance to the survivors by occasionally placing a nail or screw here and there. Surprisingly, all the tasks on the map can technically be performed by anyone, including you! As a result, you have the option to linger around, assist your team, and refrain from completing any tasks until a state of paranoia ensues among your friends. With fights erupting in the voice chat and players suspecting one another, nobody would suspect you. After all, you were just diligently completing tasks, making you an unlikely traitor… But who would ever engage in such a sinister act? Certainly not me.

P.S. This is strictly confidential information, but yes… you can right-click to eliminate someone.

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