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Total Anarchy: Pavilion City Cheat Codes and How to Enable Cheats

This page offers a guide on how to enable the cheats and the complete list of cheat codes that you can use in Total Anarchy: Pavilion City. These cheats have been provided by the game developer, Fionn Hodgson.

Total Anarchy Cheat Codes

  • moneymoneymoney – Gives ++money
  • stimulus – Gives +money
  • wellweapon – Give all guns and ammo
  • giveall – Give full inventory items
  • donation – Lose 1,000 cash
  • ididitall – Gain full wanted level
  • getaway – Lose wanted level
  • whisky – Full health
  • killme – Suicide
  • nighttime – Time set to 0:00
  • daytime – Time set to 12:00
  • fuchsia – Time set to 18:00
  • waithere – Time 1 hour
  • spawnride – Spawns a random car
  • spawnbarrel – Spawns a red barrel
  • suckerpunch – Explosive punch
  • birdshit – Explosive bullets
  • backtonormal – Removes cheat conditions
  • savegame – Quick save
  • angst – Kill all NPCs and vehicles
  • pov – Perspective camera on

How to Enable Cheats

Enabling Total Anarchy cheats can easily be done while in-game. To enable the cheats, simply follow these steps:

  1. Press F1 on your keyboard.
  2. Type the cheat codes listed above in lower case.
  3. Hit the Enter key to activate cheats.
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