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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Introduction to Legacy Faction Units

This guide will be showing you the Legacy Faction Units, including the sub-units, in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. If you’re one of the players who are just starting in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, this guide will surely help you progress.


The Peasant used to be a removed unit, it was the most basic unit in the game but was not there at the beginning of beta and early gameplay.

Banner Bearer

New unit? Yes, the Banner Bearer is not a returning unit not hence the name Legacy. People just kept complaining about ranged units jumping off the towers in the map “Castle With Archer Towers”, So poor Landfall who are working hard for people to enjoy TABS, made the Banner Bearer for people to stop complaining, so stop complaining!


The Poacher is only found in pre-alpha, early access, and full release. It had so low damage in the Pre – Alpha that it took multiple hits to take out a Peasant, it had and still has. However, it makes up for this fast rate of fire and a cheap cost, perfect for swarming.


Takes only 4 to beat a super boxer?! Yes, this unit can take out a chariot, vlad, and in rarer cases, a jarl. This unit is extremely powerful, 2 strategies are:

  1. Spread out stronger units, 1 will sacrifice himself, giving others time to strike.
  2. Use a Bard, the bard will die from the pike, make sure the melee squadron is at the far back so the pike won’t go for them, said bard will die, giving your melee troops time to defeat the pike.

Barrel Roller

The Barrel Roller has lore on the last page, The Barrel Roller used to be in the Napoleon Faction, but that got split into 2 factions. (Renicannce and Pirate.) Not to mention the Sub – Unit faction. They are a suicide unit (unless you possess and don’t blow up) or a glitch, they have a rather massive AoE, so if you are using Barrel Rollers, keep them far from units(including other barrel rollers).


Don’t mess with him or you’ll enter a world of pain, he’s the one, the only, Billy the Boxer! The Boxer is a cheaper, weaker Super Boxer, he does moderately low damage, and his gloves fall off when he dies, his speed is rivaled by a few wobblers, he has moderately high health, and singular peasants aren’t options.


Everyone must bow before the Pharaoh. This unit is just a support and has really low health so it’s best to use it with ranged units. Kneel but don’t club.


Hey, it’s Gandalf! The wizard does high damage with both weapons but doesn’t fret if you’re a hobbit, the wizard is great at disrupting and breaking formations. It has high health, but you still need to protect him because he has a wobbly knee.


The mother of cavalry. The Chariot is the main and common cavalry of the Legacy Faction, It can take out weak units like Peasants and Farmers. However, they are ineffective and die quickly to Sarrisas and Pikes, since the horse is unarmored. In the Alphas, the Chariot Rider died with the Chariot, now the Chariot and Chariot are separate units, making it last longer than its alpha self.


Thor is a melee and ranged unit in the Legacy Faction. Thor is one of the units that is not returning, the other being the Banner Bearer. He is a Viking God in the myths. So much for being an Avenger.


The Tank is a “cavalry” unit in the Legacy Faction. That’s all I say.

Flag Bearer

The Flag Bearer is the polar opposite to the Banner Bearer, it’s still a support unit though. It charges. That’s all I ought to know.


And that’s all for this Totally Accurate Battle Simulator guide. This guide has been made possible by Joeltmitra. Do you have any suggestions to improve this article? Then make sure to leave a comment below.

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