Tower Of Fantasy SSR Relic | How to Get Colossus Arm

One of the most powerful weapons in Tower of Fantasy is the Colossus Arm, which is categorized as an SSR Relic. Obtaining this weapon can be easily done when you know what you’re doing.

To make things easier, this guide will show you the requirements and complete steps on how to get the Colossus Arm in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get SSR Relic Colossus Arm

There are a few requirements that you need to meet before obtaining the Colossus Arm. Make sure that you have the following:

  • Iced Strawberry Soda
    • You can make Iced Strawberry Soda using x2 Strawberry, x2 Honey, and x11 Carbonated Water.
  • x2 Tool Set
    • Tool Set can be obtained from Fine Gift. You can directly get the Fine Gift by purchasing them from the store for 30 Training Points. You need x2 Fine Gifts to obtain x2 Tool Set.

Now that we have all the requirements, we can now start the process of getting the SSR Relic. First, we need to go to the southwestern oil rig. You can refer to the map below.

Once you get there, speak with the Hyena Guard and select the top option of the dialogue all the time. After the Hyena Guard uses all of his dialogue, go back to Banges Dock and speak with the Port Guard robot named Lozwall.

Just like the Hyena Guard, exhaust all of his dialogue until he gives you the password that will give you access to the oil rig. Now that you have the password, go back to the oil rig once again and speak with the Hyena Guard. This time, always select the bottom options in all of the dialogue.

After exhausting the Hyena Guard dialogue, go upstairs and read the plaque next to the door where the Hyena Guard is.

After reading the Hyena Classified Document, go to the second oil rig located near the Raincaller Island Spacerift.

Another Hyena Guard NPC can be found on the oil rig. This one will be the same as the last Hyena Guard. Choose the last option in all of the dialogue until he lets you on board.

Once on board, look for Morgley, a big guy with a cigarette sitting near the edge. Speak to him and give him the iced strawberry soda.

After you give him the Iced Strawberry Soda, he will give you Console Components. Once done, open the map and find the three signal towers that you need to interact with.

Climb until you reach the command center of each signal tower. You need to interact with and use the Console Components that you received from Morgley. One of the three towers can be activated easily, while the other two need the Tool Set before you can activate them.

After activating all three signal towers, you need to go to the signal tower shown on the map below:

Interact with the control panel of the signal tower and enter code 5972. Interact with the control panel again and activate the device. After the activation, go down to the bottom where the blue beam is pointing. Interact with the machine and wait until you receive the Colossus Arm.

This concludes our guide on how to get the Colossus Arm in Tower of Fantasy. We would like to credit Gamer Guru for the detailed explanation of how to get this SSR Relic.

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