Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Stamina | How to Increase Stamina Capacity

One of the most important things that every Tower of Fantasy player should always remember is the character’s stamina. Just like in any other game, you need to use stamina to perform skills and abilities in Tower of Fantasy. The more stamina you have, the more skills you can perform.

But how can you increase your stamina? Read on as we explain all the things that you need to increase your stamina in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Increase Stamina in Tower of Fantasy

Increasing stamina in this game is quite easy. This can be done by simply consuming a Mighty Mushroom. There are a few ways to obtain Mighty Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy. Here’s how:

  • Claiming Mighty Mushroom as a reward. Go to the Achievements section of the game, then go to the Overview tab and claim the rewards. One of the rewards that you can receive is the Mighty Mushroom.
  • Another way to obtain this item is by completing World Exploration in the Adventures section. You need to reach the required points, which is 965 points. Once you reach 965 points, you can claim the Mighty Mushroom as a reward.
  • Completing several quests may also give you the Mighty Mushroom.

What is Mighty Mushroom

The Mighty Mushroom in Tower of Fantasy is an endurance consumable item that can permanently increase your overall stamina by 50. Note that there’s a usage quota per level. This means that you can consume all of your Mighty Mushrooms when you reach the maximum quota.