Tower Unite

Tower Unite – How to Get Generous Scarifice Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the Tower Unite achievement called Generous Generous Scarifice. If you’re one of the players having a hard time getting more than 5,000 points in a single game of The Offering, this guide will help you achieve the score.

Tower Unite Settings

We recommend making these changes as this will affect the gameplay.

  • Screen Resolution: Any
  • Limit: 24 (Required)
  • FOV: Any (Lower = Easier to line up the throwing)

Tower Unite Setup

Remove any workshop playermodel to use one of the 4 default playermodels, and then equip a large potion. Enter the game and press E to pick up a ball.

You’ll want to line it up pixel-perfect so that when you click to release the ball (click quickly, avoid holding) it’ll bounce into the center hole.

The specific lineup using this playermodel and potion is having the bottom pixels of the ball line up with the bottom of the blue trim at the back of the machine.

Hold Z to zoom in, and lower your FOV to help if you like (I did the achievement on 105 FOV like I always use, changing FOV won’t affect the right spot).

On the default FOV (90) holding Z it should look like this:

Tower Unite

And on minimum FOV (50) holding Z it should look like this:

Tower Unite

Don’t rely on the images alone for lining up the ball, you’ll have to throw it and see if it works, if not adjust it by a pixel up or down


Now just spam E and left click at whatever pace, keeping in mind not to move your mouse, and that holding left click milliseconds too late might charge a throw too much.

That’s all for this Tower Unite guide. Hope this guide will help you get the Generous Scarifice achievement in Tower Unite. Credits to astrr for the submission.

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