Tower Unite – Treasure From Sea For Experts

Treasure From Sea is one of the fastest ways to acquire Units. This guide will make you a faster player during the Plaza event.

Treasure Map

Treasure From Sea area map

Note: The areas are approximate.

How To Start

First, you need to obtain a Metal Detector from The Stray for 5,000 Units.

The Stray on map

The Stray on map

Obtaining a Metal Detector

Metal Detector in The Stray shopping menu

Equipping the Metal Detector

Equip your Metal Detector by opening the inventory menu (default: Q), dragging it into a weapon slot, then selecting the weapon slot with the corresponding number key.

Visual guide for using weapon slots

Basic Gameplay

In a Plaza, wait until a Treasure From Sea event begins. It occurs every 15 minutes in every Plaza simultaneously and lasts for 5 minutes.


Treasure From Sea in xx:xx

Chat announcements

Treasure From Sea starting in 30 seconds.

EVENT: Treasure has washed up from the ocean. Use your metal detector to find it.

Walk around beaches with your Metal Detector to find treasure. It is randomly scattered around areas marked on the provided map.

When you come upon a buried treasure chest, press the interact button (default: E) to dig it out.

Finding treasure, digging prompt

Successful digging is accompanied by a sand digging sound and the treasure chest visibly shaking. The reward is shown.

Repeat this until you’ve dug out all available treasure (10 per event, resets when the event starts again). The remaining treasure is seen in the scoreboard menu (default: Tab).

Scoreboard with remaining treasure

Bug: Treasure may spawn under Minigames Arena teleporters which, during other events, teleport the player even if they aren’t visibly active.

Bug: In some cases, treasure may sink underground and be completely unreachable. If that happens, rejoin the Plaza (read: Rejoin Strat).

Rejoin Strat

Rejoining a Plaza will reset the number of remaining treasure. This makes it possible dig a lot more treasure during a single event, around 30 or more at best.

The fastest way to rejoin is to open the pause menu with Esc, open Plaza menu and select the least populated server that is in the closest region to you.

Bug: There is an infinite loading issue if rejoining is done from the pause menu (initial connecting screen for >10 seconds). In order to avoid it, take note of the current server from the scoreboard, wait on the Plaza list menu until the list has been updated with current player numbers, and join any scarcely populated server other than the one you’re currently on.

Bug: If infinite loading happens, you should quickly abort connecting with the Return To Main Menu button and join a Plaza from the main menu.

Adrenaline Strat

Reach the 500,000 EXP milestone in Virus game mode to unlock the Adrenaline item.

Virus milestones

In order to get a speed boost during Treasure From Sea events, equip Adrenaline, then in quick succession, administer it with Mouse 1 (Left Mouse Button) and switch to Metal Detector.

Using this strategy bypasses the requirement of having Adrenaline equipped and works around its time limit.

Bug: If you find that your movement is choppy (server applies boost, but client doesn’t) or the boost failed, try again.

Ice Potion Strat

This is by far the hardest, but potentially the fastest method of completing Treasure From Sea event.

Obtain an Ice Potion from Santa’s Workshop for 12 Holiday Coins (within Celebrations Store, or, during the event, at the Center Fountain).

Ice Potion in Stanta's Workshop shopping menu

Equip it, do the Adrenaline Strat, then jump, hold crouch, and bunnyhop around to gain speed. Timing the jumps isn’t strict. Considering the potion combined with crouching completely disables friction, it enables flawless bunnyhopping.

Potential Strats That Don’t Work

Underground Digging
It is possible to go below the ground by finding a wall or patch of ground with no collision. However, treasure chests only become visible if in range and looked at directly. Moreover, flying/swimming underground under the sand is difficult due to the low height of sand surfaces, which makes it hard not to float onto the surface.

Size Potions
Using potions could aid in getting treasure more easily in terms of hitbox sizes, but in general doesn’t help during the events.

Size potions don’t make a walking speed difference with Adrenaline applied. Growth potions don’t apply a speed boost and require crouching (default: Left Ctrl) to reach treasure at all, and shrinking potions only make the player slower.


  • Quarter – 25
  • Pile of Units – 50
  • Treasure Chest o’ Units – 5,000
  • Bag of Units – 1,000
  • Always Lucky Slot Machine – 10,000
  • Gem – 10,000
  • Gold Catsack – 20,000
  • Eternally Burning Crab – 1,500
  • Eternally Frozen Crab – 1,500
  • Laser Pointer – 5,000
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