Trail Out Controls and Shortcuts Guide

Trail Out

Publisher Crytivo has finally launched its newest action-racing video game, Trail Out. Unlike any other game, Trail Out comes with unique features, which is why you should get familiar with the game’s basics. To help you get started, this article will cover all of the basic Trail Out controls using both gamepad and keyboard.

Trail Out Controls

The following are the default Trail Out key bindings.

Brake / ReverseS
Steer LeftA
Steer RightD
Shift UpE
Shift DownQ
Camera / AcceptC
Handbrake / BackSpacebar
Reset Car / SkipR
Rotate CameraRight Mouse Button
Look Behind YouB
Next MusicT
Pause MenuEsc
Trail Out Controls

Apart from the keyboard and mouse control, the developer of the game has confirmed that Trail Out has full controller support. This only means that you should not be facing any major controller issues while playing the game with a controller. If you happen to experience some gamepad controller problem, we recommend checking our Trail Out controller troubleshooting guide.

Speaking of the controller, here is the default Trail Out gamepad controls.

Brake / ReverseLT
Shift UpRB
Shift DownLB
SteeringLeft Analog Stick
Camera / AcceptY
Handbrake / BackB
Reset Car / SkipX
Rotate CameraLeft Analog Stick
Look Behind YouR3
Next MusicD-Pad Right
Trail Out Gamepad Controls

You can also refer to the in-game controls screenshot that we have taken below:

This concludes our Trail Out controls guide. Good luck, racers!