Treason Controls Guide for PC

This guide will be showing you the complete list of Treason controls for PC. Treason is a casual FPS video game developed by Tomorrow Software and published by Klaus Veen. If you’re one of the players of this new FPS game, we are hoping that our Treason controls guide will help you.

Treason Controls

Before we get started, note that you can change and remap these default Treason key bindings by going to the Settings section of the game.

Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move Left (Strafe)A
Move Right (Strafe)D
Walk (Move Slowly)Shift
Primary AttackLeft Mouse Button
Secondary AttackRight Mouse Button
Use Item (Buttons, Machines, …)E
Drop Current WeaponG
Revive and ScanC
Weapon Category 11
Weapon Category 22
Weapon Category 33
Weapon Category 44
Weapon Category 55
Weapon Category 66
Last Weapon UsedQ
Use Voice CommunicationF
Chat MessageY
Team MessageU
Take ScreenshotF5
Display Multiplayer ScoreTab
Pause GamePause
Quit GameNone
Accept Redirect to Another ServerF3
Play or SpectateM
Turn LeftLeft Arrow
Turn RightRight Arrow
Swim Up
Swim Down/
Look UpPage Up
Look DownPage Down
Strafe ModifierNone
Keyboard Look ModifierInsert
Treason Controls for PC

And this is everything you need to learn about the default Treason controls. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions to improve this guide. Also, check our Ghostwire: Tokyo controls guide if you love playing FPS video games.

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