Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana Trophy List and Guide for PS4

Developer and publisher Square Enix released the official Trials of Mana trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Trials of Mana, players will be collecting 44 trophies consisting of 28 bronze, 12 silver, 3 gold, and 1 platinum. 33 out of 44 trophies are secret in which we already revealed. Check out the full Trials of Mana trophy for PS4 below.

Trials of Mana Trophies

Heroes of Mana (Secret)Stop the end of the world. (Secret)
Mana Sword's Chosen (Secret)Play through with all six characters. (Secret)
Valsenan SwordsmanComplete Duran's story.
Altenish MagicianComplete Angela's story.
Ferolian FighterComplete Kevin's story.
Wendellan ClericComplete Charlotte's story.
Nevarlan ThiefComplete Hawkeye's story.
Laurentian GuardComplete Riesz's story.
Fateful Stirrings (Secret)Complete Chapter 1. (Secret)
Adventurous Exploration (Secret)Complete Chapter 2. (Secret)
Elemental Wrangler (Secret)Complete Chapter 3. (Secret)
Wicked Schemes (Secret)Complete Chapter 4. (Secret)
Benevodons' Return (Secret)Complete Chapter 5. (Secret)
Adventure's End (Secret)Complete Chapter 6. (Secret)
Throw Money at It (Secret)Purchase nitromyte for the listed price. (Secret)
Inventive Invention (Secret)First cannon ride. (Secret)
Ruler of the Seas (Secret)First ride on Vuscav. (Secret)
Winged Defender (Secret)First ride on Flammie. (Secret)
Treasure Seeker (Secret)Open 100 treasure boxes. (Secret)
Treasure Hunter (Secret)Open 200 treasure boxes. (Secret)
SaverAccumulate at least 100,000 lucre.
WealthyAccumulate at least 500,000 lucre.
Power Awakened (Secret)First time learning an ability. (Secret)
Robust Power (Secret)Learn 20 abilities as any character. (Secret)
Extreme Power (Secret)Learn all abilities as any character. (Secret)
Power of Bonds (Secret)First time learning a chain ability from an unexpected acquaintance. (Secret)
Bonds of Allies (Secret)First time learning a companion's chain ability. (Secret)
Chosen One (Secret)Defeat Anise on hard. (Secret)
Glorious One (Secret)Defeat Mondoragon. (Secret)
Immortal One (Secret)Defeat Dark Lich. (Secret)
Overcoming Reality (Secret)Defeat Archdemon. (Secret)
Rabite Trapper (Secret)Defeat Black Rabite. (Secret)
Ultimate Swordsman (Secret)Become a master swordsman. (Secret)
Ultimate Magician (Secret)Become a master magician. (Secret)
Ultimate Fighter (Secret)Become a master fighter. (Secret)
Ultimate Cleric (Secret)Become a master cleric. (Secret)
Ultimate Thief (Secret)Become a master thief. (Secret)
Ultimate Guard (Secret)Become a master guard. (Secret)
Power Hungry (Secret)First class switch. (Secret)
Cactus Colleague (Secret)First encounter with Li'l Cactus. (Secret)
Cactus Companion (Secret)Find Li'l Cactus in all possible areas. (Secret)
Gardener (Secret)First time planting a seed. (Secret)
Horticulturist (Secret)Max out magic pot level. (Secret)
Trials of ManaObtain all trophies.