Triumphant Days Achievement – Maquette

Triumphant Days
Completed the Gateways under 4 minutes and 35 seconds.

How to Unlock Triumphant Days Achievement

Make sure you always manually save when you start the level and use all 3 slots. Autosave overwrites itself at the beginning of the next level, so if you don’t pop up the speedrun trophy, load your previous save manually. You can hold the circle to skip the cutscenes, jumping doesn’t increase your pace, some animations aren’t skippable. Most of the levels are easy when you discover the best path.

This was the hardest for me to do. I made it with a few seconds to spare. I think there could be a shortcut as there is a platform/elevator underneath the gear slot but I didn’t know how to activate it. I always activated 2 mini elevators before running with the red sphere to break the final big wall but that was taking the longest time.

Guide by UsCanAdam.

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