All Trophies In Shadow of the Colossus Remake For PlayStation 4

Shadow of the Colossus is set to make its official release in the next few days, and the trophies that can be achieved in the game is now available. That means fans can check what they have to do just to get the most Platinum awards of the game.

Surprisingly, the Shadow of the Colossus remake trophies is different from the previous game from PlayStation 3. It only means that there are some things that are completely different just to get the Platinum trophy.

All Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Trophies


  • Sword of Her Majesty – Defeat any Colossus with Queen Sword
  • Paint the Target – Use the Sword to Focus on a Vital Point
  • Fruit of the Land – Eat a Piece of Fruit
  • Skilled Warrior – Defeat a Colossus with a Downward Jump Stab
  • The Past that Defines Thee – Defeat any Colossi While in Reminiscence Mode
  • Five-Lined Skink – Collect a Silver Lizard Tail
  • Animals of the Land – Interact with a Dove, Hawk, Fish and Turtle
  • Boon of the Nomad – Find Barrel in Hidden Cave
  • Trick Arrow Skills – Shoot a Lizard with a Special Arrow
  • Valley of the Wanderer – Defeat the 1st Colossus
  • The Mammoth – Defeat the 2nd Colossus
  • Wake the Knight – Defeat the 3rd Colossus
  • Land of the Gravestones – Defeat the 4th Colossus
  • Riding the Wind – Defeat the 5th Colossus
  • Tomb of the Giant – Defeat the 6th Colossus
  • Waves of Lightning – Defeat the 7th Colossus
  • Scaler of the Colosseum – Defeat the 8th Colossus
  • Lurker of the Cave – Defeat the 9th Colossus
  • Mystery in the Sand  – Defeat the 10th Colossus
  • Guardian and the Pit – Defeat the 11th Colossus
  • Thunder of the Lake – Defeat the 12th Colossus
  • Signs amidst the Storm – Defeat the 13th Colossus
  • Shield of the Colossus – Defeat the 14th Colossus
  • Valley of the Fallen – Defeat the 15th Colossus
  • Last of the Colossus – Defeat the 16th Colossus


  • Reach the Gate – Cross the Bridge to the Entrance of the Forbidden Lands
  • Last Man Standing – Complete a Single Playthrough Without Dying Once
  • Bearer of the Curse – Complete the Game on any Difficulty
  • Dormin’s Rage – Use Dormin’s Breath Attack
  • Seeking Salvation – Pray at All Shrines
  • Trick Rider – Perform All Stunts With Agro
  • Fruit of the Garden – Taste the Poisoned Fruit


  • Speed King – Obtain All Time Attack Items Together as One Set
  • Intrepid Mortal – Max Out Wander’s Health and Stamina Bars
  • Speed Demon – Complete Hard Mode Under 5:41:28 s
  • Grounded Scaler – Defeat Colossus 8 Before it can Turn Back Over
  • Resist the Wrist – Defeat Colossus 3 Without Breaking His Wrist guard


  • The Horned Boy – Acquired All Trophies

Shadow of the Colossus (2018) will be available on PlayStation 4 on February 6, 2018.

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