Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Achievements for Xbox One

Developer Bit Golem has released the official Ultimate Fishing Simulator achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Ultimate Fishing Simulator, players will be collecting 65 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements in this game. Check out the full Ultimate Fishing Simulator achievements for Xbox One.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Achievements

Fish basket SAmount of caught fish: 5010
Fish basket MAmount of caught fish: 25030
Fish basket LAmount of caught fish: 100060
Fish basket XLAmount of caught fish: 10000130
BeginnerReach level: 330
AdvancedReach level: 1060
ExpertReach level: 20100
Rainbow TroutCatch: Rainbow Trout10
Brown TroutCatch: Brown Trout10
Cutthroat TroutCatch: Cutthroat Trout10
Brook TroutCatch: Brook Trout10
Bull TroutCatch: Bull Trout10
WhitefishCatch: Whitefish10
Black MarlinCatch: Black Marlin10
Blue MarlinCatch: Blue Marlin10
Striped MarlinCatch: Striped Marlin10
White MarlinCatch: White Marlin10
Striped BassCatch: Striped Bass10
Largemouth BassCatch: Largemouth Bass10
Black CrappieCatch: Black Crappie10
Smallmouth BassCatch: Smallmouth Bass10
Mirror CarpCatch: Mirror Carp10
BluegillCatch: Bluegill10
PikeCatch: Pike10
Crucian CarpCatch: Crucian Carp10
BreamCatch: Bream10
Grass CarpCatch: Grass Carp10
Channel CatfishCatch: Channel Catfish10
Baikal SturgeonCatch: Baikal Sturgeon10
ChubCatch: Chub10
PerchCatch: Perch10
Rainbow RunnerCatch: Rainbow Runner10
Greater AmberjackCatch: Greater Amberjack10
Baikal OmulCatch: Baikal Omul10
RoosterfishCatch: Roosterfish10
ZanderCatch: Zander10
HuchenCatch: Huchen10
Golden TroutCatch: Golden Trout10
WalleyeCatch: Walleye10
Tiger TroutCatch: Tiger Trout10
SaugerCatch: Sauger10
BarbelCatch: Barbel10
Atlantic CodCatch: Atlantic Cod10
Spotted BassCatch: Spotted Bass10
Greenland CodCatch: Greenland Cod10
Atlantic HalibutCatch: Atlantic Halibut10
Atlantic SalmonCatch: Atlantic Salmon10
Yellow PerchCatch: Yellow Perch10
Greenland HalibutCatch: Greenland Halibut10
Goblin SharkCatch: Goblin Shark10
Common NaseCatch: Common Nase10
African TigerfishCatch: African Tigerfish10
Vundu CatfishCatch: Vundu Catfish10
African CatfishCatch: African Catfish10
Three-spot TilapiaCatch: Three-spot Tilapia10
Deepwater RedfishCatch: Deepwater Redfish10
Greenland SharkCatch: Greenland Shark10
Red Breasted TilapiaCatch: Red Breasted Tilapia10
Kariba TilapiaCatch: Kariba Tilapia10
LumpfishCatch: Lumpfish10
Large-scaled YellowfishCatch: Large-scaled Yellowfish10
Fourhorned SculpinCatch: Fourhorned Sculpin10
Atlantic WolffishCatch: Atlantic Wolffish10
Electric CatfishCatch: Electric Catfish10
Purple LabeoCatch: Purple Labeo10

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