Under The Waves Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide is a full achievement guide for Under The Waves, with all 38 achievements.


Welcome to my Under The Waves achievement guide! This is a fun little game that takes around 10 hours to 100%. There are collectibles that I’ve linked videos to with all their locations.

Days (Unmissable)

These are unmissable and are triggered by following the main story and completing the game.

Day 01: Immersion
Complete Stan’s first day underwater

Day 02: Routine
Complete Stan’s second day underwater

Day 03: Adrift
Complete Stan’s third day underwater

Day 14: The Storm
Complete Stan’s fourteenth day underwater

Day 15: Red Alert
Complete Stan’s fifteenth day underwater

Day 16: Collateral Damage
Complete Stan’s sixteenth day underwater

Day 17: Save Our Souls
Complete Stan’s seventeenth day underwater


At the end of the game you will need to make a choice. I won’t spoil the story, you’ll know it when it happens – it’s after you finish Day 17. When you make a choice and the achievement pops, quickly pause the game and go back to the main menu. Load the save game again and then make the other choice. If you don’t do it this way you’ll have to replay the final day again.

A Choice: One Last Story…
Find solace

A Choice: A Last Goodbye
Find closure


Echoes Of The Past
Find all collectibles

Harold152 made a great video showing all the collectible locations

A Sticky Situation
Unlock all stickers

Harold152 made a great video showing all the sticker locations

Surfrider: Building A Better World
Find all crafting recipes

Harold152 made a great video showing all the crafting recipe locations

Callisto’s Song
Play with the music box

You’ll get the music box as one of the collectibles. See the video above for its location. Once you’ve collected it, head to the Life Module crafting room and you’ll see the music box on the top shelf on the left. Interact with it to play with it.

Memory Of A Forgotten Life
Find a collectible in a wreck

Some of the collectibles you find will be in wrecked ships, helicopters, etc. You’ll get this when finding all collectibles.

Captain’s Log
Unlock 75 logbook entries

You’ll get a lot of logbook entries just from playing the story. By the end of the game you should have a good majority. Get the rest of them by getting all collectibles, crafting recipes, stickers, etc. You can also target landmarks, sharks, whales, etc and scan them for extra logbook entries.


Stan Balboa
Reach a score of 2500 on the punching bag

There is a punching bag in the crafting/collectibles room. It has a minigame when you interact with it.

A Little Rusty
Reach a score of 5000 on the guitar

One of the collectibles you find early on will be a guitar. Once you’ve found it, go to your bedroom and interact with it for the minigame. You can unlock new songs by finding their tapes as collectibles.


Surfrider: Master Upcycler
Craft every upgrade

Once you’ve found all the crafting upgrades from the video above, head to the crafting station at the Life Module and craft all upgrades. Coal is one of the harder resources to get. You unlock a really easy method of gathering it later on in the story once you’ve unlocked the laser – you can use it on oil traces when they start appearing near the end of the game.

The Little Merman
Craft 25 oxygen sticks

Oxygen sticks cost algae and plastic. There is an overabundance of plastic and algae spawns near the vents/pipes, you can see them on the map.

Sustainable Energy
Upgrade Moon’s engines to electric

One of the crafting upgrades you find in the video above is solar power. Craft it at the crafting station.

Craft every decoration


Complete all routine missions

Make sure before you finish each day you complete all the routine missions available.

Wildlife Photographer
Complete all photography missions

There are 3 photography missions. You can start them by picking up the camera as soon as you have access to the crafting/collectible room. You can take photos by accessing it in the menu or by switching to it in the bottom right of the HUD. The rarest one that I’ve only found in one location is the Whale Shark at the Galleon wreck at X: 483 Y: -1695. You’ll also get the Like The Wreck Of The Hesperus achievement.


Heave Ho, Me Hearties!
Have Stan sing a sea shanty aboard Moon

When inside Moon, change the camera so its one of the two angles inside. You’ll see a button prompt that will trigger the sea shanty.

Connection Lost
Interact with the communication antenna

On Day 2, you’ll be tasked to investigate some communication problems. The communication antenna is located at X: 1728 Y: -716. Interact with it for this achievement.

Telly Addict
Watch all optional TV programs

You can get this by simply interacting with the TV at any point at the Life Module. Sit on the seat, and keep interacting with the TV to change channels.

Cthulhu Fhtagn
Rescue a squid from a wreck

Follow the main story until you’ve unlocked mines and the shipping containers that you need to check on are marked on the map. Place a mine on the container at X: 1170 Y: -920 to blow it open and a squid will come out.

Just A Scratch
Use a repair kit on Moon

You can find repair kits in some locations or craft them on the Life Module. Drive Moon into some rock to do some damage then use the repair kit in the bottom right of the HUD.

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Sub
Break Moon beyond repair

Instead of repairing Moon, keep driving it into rocks until it’s destroyed and you die 🙁 You will reload from the previous save.

A Can Of Worms
Succumb to ?????

From Day 15, you will encounter the leech enemies. Simply swim into them and let them kill you.

Surfrider: Cleaning The Ocean
Pick up 25 pieces of plastic

Surfrider: Activist
Pick up 50 pieces of plastic

Surfrider: Leave No Trace
Pick up 10 empty oxygen sticks

When you use an oxygen stick to refill the oxygen bar, Stan will throw it away next to him. You can pick them back up to get some plastic back.

Emma’s World
Take a peek at the surface

Drive Moon all the way to the surface. It’s quite a nice view above the waves.

Greasing the Wheels
Clean 50 oil traces

Follow the main story until you’ve unlocked the laser for Moon. Once you’ve got it, drive to the oil traces on the map and use the laser on them. You can get a lot of coal from doing this which will be important for crafting everything.

Stan Ahab
Learn more about a blue whale

When doing the photography missions, you’ll encounter a blue whale. Target it and scan it.

Like The Wreck Of The Hesperus
Find the galleon

The galleon is located at X: 483 Y: -1695. There is a Whale Shark and a collectible here as well.

Under The Waves
Unlock all achievements

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