Unlock A Shrine of Depths

Where and How to Unlock a Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact

Are you wondering where to find and how to Unlock a Shrine of Depths in Chapter 4 in Genshin Impact? You’re in luck as we are here to help you solve and unlock a shrine of depths.

Unlock a Shrine of Depths is one of the missions in Chapter 4. This is an investigation mission and it is required to claim the rewards for completing the chapter. Below is a video guide on how to complete it.

Unlock a Shrine of Depths Guide

First things first, you need to go and find the shrine near the road from Springvale and Dawn Winery. You will be using a Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key to unlock the shrine. One of the best ways to get a key is by exploring the Eagle’s Gate.

Unlock A Shrine of Depths

Once you already have the key, use it to unlock the shrine. After you unlock the shrine, you will found a Luxurious Chest containing lots of rewards such as Her’s Wit, Berserker’s Indigo Feather, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and more. You will also be gaining +60 Adventure EXP for opening the Luxurious Chest.

Apart from the rewards from the chest, you will also obtain Martial Artist’s Banda and +100 Adventure EXP.

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