Unturned Update Patch Notes


Developer Smartly Dressed Games has rolled out the newest Unturned update and we have the full details of the new patch for you to read. The new update has been rolled out earlier today, January 7th, to address some of the in-game bugs and issues.

According to the official release notes, patch brings some minor bug fixes, as well as the addition of some in-game options. Unfortunately, the developer did not disclose the total download file size for this new patch. However, players can now download the update to have a better Unturned experience.

Learn more about this new update below.

Unturned Update Patch Notes


  • Allow_Placement_Inside_Clip_Volumes option for barricades. Defaults to true for charges.
  • Arena_Compactor_Extra_Damage_Per_Second option to prevent hiding outside compactor.
  • BinaryRandom component for events in Unity.


  • Each client has multiple hwids.
  • Reduce NPC buy/sell rate limit from 10 Hz to 2 Hz now that we have bulk buy/sell.
  • Enable rich text for level descriptions.
  • Simplified holiday levels to just use server’s holiday state.


  • Animal startle animation cancelled by moving.
  • Clamp requested stereo volume.
  • Crafted mythical effect not visible on main menu character skins.
  • Vehicle engine audio source not disabling.
  • Snowman slightly poking through wardrobe in main menu barn.
  • Zero kelvin tool will hide skins which already have a ragdoll effect.
  • Layering of emissive clothing textures.
  • Missing holiday redirected trees/objects not changing level hash.
  • Wicked aura and bananza transparency sorting.
  • Potential vulnerability requesting pre-connect server info.
  • Discrepency between how return button and Interact hotkey close vendor.
  • Arid skull bandana horizontal texture alignment.