Urtuk: The Desolation

Urtuk: The Desolation – How to Champion Your Units

This guide will be covering the details on how you can easily upgrade your unites into Champions in Urtuk: The Desolation. If you’re one of the players who want to conquer your enemies in the game, this one is for you.

Before we start, let us share you what are Champions in Urtuk: The Desolation. A Champion unit is a unit with different visuals than others of its class, with some stat increases.

For example, this is a normal forsaken axeman compared to a champion forsaken axeman:

The stat increases are currently 10% HP and 10% damage.

How do I upgrade a unit to a Champion

The way you can acquire a Champion unit, is by fully completing “The Champion” perk requirements.

You are eligible for a Champion stack when the following conditions are met.

  • When you win a battle with 1 unit against 3+ mobs.
  • When you win a battle with 2 units against 6+ mobs.

You cannot have NPC allies and the mission must be won by killing all enemies. Panicking villagers do not count as allies.

What are the easiest ways to do that?

Generally, you’ll get it done in 3 ways.

  • A mission is easy enough to do it with only 2 units.
  • You kill all the mobs except 6, retreat and do it again with only 2 units.
  • You win a beastmaster mission.

All of the above will give 1 credit towards Champion.

Here are the missions that fall under the 1st category:

  • Villagers Terrorized, roaming missions.
  • Villagers captured, roaming mission, let the guard die.
  • Faction vs Faction.

Here are the missions that fall under the 2nd category:

  • All other missions where you can easily retreat when 6 enemies are left, the easiest ones are those that allow you to retreat from where it’s easiest to fight, e.g village missions, intruders and catapults. Those are practically free champion stacks for 2 units of your choosing, as long as you are willing to pay the retreat and single day cost.

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