Vacuum Warrior Beginner’s Guide and Tips

I read a lot of questions in the discussions about “How can I get …?” This is a little helper for achievements and how to play the game. By the way, my first guide: If you find any mistakes, let me know and feel free to ask questions. I try to expand the guide from time to time.

Symbols – Start the game

the ads on the left show the state of things you have collect, also you can press on it to get on the shops. At the beginning you don’t start with all of them!

  • your Goldcoints (guide you to the Golden Vaccum Shop)
  • your Prestigecoints (guide you to the Prestig Shop)
  • your money (guide you to the Vaccum Shop)
  • common dust
  • dirt
  • sand dust
  • Gras Pollen
  • Road Dust
  • Sawdust
  • Goal Dust
  • ect.

the ads on the right are:

  • settings
  • Marketplace
  • Supporter Benefits
  • Golden Vacuum Shop
  • Achievements
  • Statistics
  • Characters
  • Daily Reward & Chores

You can also type the letters to get to the shops, but you must change the hotkeys in the settings before.

the ads below are:

  • Dust Shop
  • Dust Deposit (sell your Dust)
  • Vacuum Shop
  • Chests
  • AVA shop
  • Gravity Well (restart the game)
  • Prestige Shop
  • Locations
  • Managers
  • Shop Bots
  • Junk
  • Boost Shop

Achievements & Statistics

If you try to get an Achievement, take a look on your statistics, here you can see how far you are to get it.

Simple example (click on the Achievement to know what to do): Prestige 10 times to unlock the Achievement.

Go to your Statistics, here you can find game statistics, prestige statistics and all-time statistics. Scroll down to “All Time Statistics” you find “Total Prestige” (I need one more to unlock it).

Managers & Locations

First of all, take a look in the Prestige Shop and buy Locations and Managers. The sections stuck together. The requirements for unlocking a new location are on the right. Also you have to unlock it in the Dust Shop.

Example for Location “Spaceport”:
To unlock Spaceport, I have to restart the game, I need 1M Prestigecoints, so I have to wait. Go to the Gravity Well and push the prestige button, after it I go back to Locations to unlock Spaceport and then I have to unlock Rocket Dust in the Coal Dust Shop.

Achievement – Ride an AVA:

First you have to unlock the Coal Dust Location & Shop, take a look at the Requirements! After that sell your Dust in the Dust Deposit until you have 1M money. Now go to the Vaccum Shop and buy the Mega AVA.


If you click on the question marks, you can read what requirements are necessary for this.

I have 12/12 slots and 20 managers. Yes, exactly, count your slots at the locations. If the Location isn’t unlocked, unlock it and buy a slot. (Example: For the next Location I need one more Slot.)

You can find the Extra Manager slot in the Golden Vacuum Shop. Purchase it after unlocking all Manager achievements, including Workforce.

There are 1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars and 5 Stars Managers! You have to Merge 3 managers with the same number of stars! (Initially I merged 3 with the same name to get a better manager, but I didn’t notice any difference.) Merge wisely. I always use and keep auto vacuum managers in my slots. If you merge 1 Star Managers you can get a 2 Star manager, if you merge 2 Star Managers you can get a 3 Star Manager, take a look at the question mark.
You can also delete a manager, but this is not recommended. Collect and merge it!
Btw, if you have enough Gold, you can also buy a manager. Collect 250 Gold and buy the Academy manager to unlock the achievement.

Example: In the screenshot I select Carol, Harold & Walter (all have 3 stars). They only have a 10% spawn rate and I don’t need those 3. I get Henry, marked New, also a 3-star manager, but with 15% spawn rate and 1% Auto Vacuum.

This guide about Vacuum Warrior was written by Danyael133. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.

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