Valheim Storage

Valheim – Building the Best Storage Warehouse

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can create the best storage solution for all your loot in Valheim. Before we start with the guide, make sure that you already know the basics of Valheim.

How to Build Storage

Valheim Storage

  • Use a 1m wooden pole to place the floor parts above the lower chests.
  • Build a new layer using chests.
  • Fill the gaps with a wooden pole of 1m or 2m, both horizontally and vertically, to create the pattern seen in the image above.
  • Put up the signs, and call them according to your own choice. We do recommend meta-gaming.
  • Explore your world, play a game with a couple of friends.
  • Start looting.
  • Fill the chests with your freshly collected loot.
  • Enjoy the profit.

As you can see in the markings of the chest above, it’s written in Swedish, a true viking language.

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